♥ 3 Archangels I work with all the time... And how you can too! ♥

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I’ve been getting messages from Archangel Michael - and he wants me to start talking about angels more, and sharing information about them, who they are, and how to work with them.

I can understand why.

When I started working and communicating with the angels, my whole life shifted. I found a lot more clarity in terms of my life purpose, and decisions - and day to day tasks, such as grocery shopping, or deciding what to do that day - became a lot easier - because I had my divine support system supporting+ guiding me.

Today, I wanted to keep it simple, and share 3 Archangels I regularly call upon for help and guidance. You can start working with one, two, or all three of these angels right away!

1.  ☆ Archangel Michael ☆

Archangel Michael is the archangel who rules over our life purpose. It is my belief and understanding that no soul can incarnate on Planet Earth as a human, without going through Archangel Michael first. He is ancient, and we all have a deep relationship with him, whether we know it or not. His colour is a bright, blue-violet, and he is also very helpful at clearing negative or fearful energy.

I work with Michael everyday, many times a day, and I feel safer and much more guided as a result of working with him. I've even had his help in fixing electronics, just by asking him to clear the energy of my computer!

You can work with Archangel Michael by saying this simple prayer: "Archangel Michael, I am open to you in my life in all ways. Thank you for showing me why I am on this planet, and helping me and guiding me each and every day. Thank you for clearing any and all energy from me, that is not serving me now. Thank you."

If you'd like to go deeper, you can also do this guided meditation with Archangel Michael I've created for you!

2.  ☆ Archangel Jophiel ☆

Archangel Johpiel is the Goddess-like angel of beauty - and by that I mean true beauty - the resonance of beauty. This resonance can show up in our thoughts, the way we see the world, in the scent of a flower, in our wardrobe, home, or in many other ways!

When I work with Jophiel I feel a calming, beautiful presence. Almost like I'm being held by love itself. Her colour is a deep pink.

I like to call on her to beautify my thoughts, and also, to help me feel more beautiful on the day-to-day. I'll even ask her what I should wear that day, or I'll ask her for help with my make-up!

To work with Archangel Jophiel, say this simple prayer: "Archangel Jophiel, thank you for helping to beautify my life. Guide my thoughts, words, and actions. Guide me to feel beautiful today, and every day. Thank you!"

If you'd like to go deeper with her, please go here to access a guided meditation with Archangel Jophiel I made just for you!

3.  ☆ Archangel Raphael ☆

Archangel Raphael is the angel of healing, and is super helpful to work with if you need physical or emotional healing of any sort. His colour is a bright emerald green light, and you can shower yourself in this colour - or send emerald green light - to any area of your body that needs healing.

If I have a toothache, or am feeling off, I'll work with Archangel Raphael to help me heal.

If you're dealing with any chronic issues - you can work with him to heal + understand the root cause - though this will require you to commit to working with his energy long-term - through meditation, automatic writing, and/or prayer.

As healers, we can also work with Raphael to better understand our healing path, and how we can be best of service to others. I know a lot of you wonder what modality of healing would be best for you to get into and offer. Working with both Michael and Raphael will be really helpful for you, in terms of getting clarity.

To work with Archangel Raphael, simply visualize emerald light falling all over you like a shower, invigorating your cells, going into each and every organ, and spending a few minutes bathing yourself in this energy.

To go deeper with him, you can also check out this guided meditation I created for you!

And there you have it! 3 angels for you to start working with, or deepen with - as well as prayers and guided meditations to help support your connection.

Did you resonate with this content?

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Lots of love!

xo Beth