How Can I Help Aleppo? ~ A Guided Meditation for Aleppo + the Healing of Syria

{How can I Help Aleppo?} ~ Lastnight I was meditating, and focusing light into Syria + Aleppo... after a beautiful Christmas feast and great day with friends, and clients.

As soon as I connected with the energy - I heard my inner guidance come through and say - you need to do this more often.

I - just like many of you - am caught up in my own life much of the time. My own goals, my own issues, my own dreams, my own relationships...

And as I surrounded Aleppo with light, I simultaneously thought of all the times I scroll through Instagram or Facebook with no intent... when my inner guidance came through and showed me that there are better ways to use some of that time.

After that, I heard the call to get to work + create a Guided Meditation for Aleppo, so that's just what I've done. So we can gather our lightworking power and collective energy of intent to clear away the root cause of what is causing the violence in Syria right now.

If you don't know too much about Aleppo and the civil war in Syria, I'll brief you, in the guided meditation video. Then we'll get into a meditation that with our collective intent, will help to bring support where it's needed most.

This is an urgent call, and I ask you to spend 20 minutes of your time to connect with our heart spaces and be here for our brothers and sisters.

Thank you,

xo Beth

Ps. Here is an Audio version of just the meditation, which you can download and practice at any time.