Why I haven't recorded a Vlog in Months

Last night I was cleaning the kitchen, and wandered my way into listening to the Wanderlust Gabrielle Bernstein lecture from 2012. 

It was some powerful stuff, and woke me up to the fact that the very way to alleviate the pressure I have been feeling, is to be more direct with my audience, my feelings, and in the sharing and the discipline of my work. 

Yogi Bhajan teaches, in his 5 tips for the Aquarian Age, that when we feel the pressure of the world on us, we must ACT and the pressure will be alleviated. 

This means blogging your truth, organizing events, hosting Desire Map parties, cleaning up the beach, creating new designs, even phoning your mom...

It means that we really do just need to act on our inner nudges in order to feel aligned with the holy and cosmic flow again. 

Because, that's why we're here.

I share more of my personal story with this experience in the vlog below...