Let's Bring the Pagan Back - A Celebration of Winter Solstice

Oh my Goddess. It has finally come!

Winter Solstice. 

It's amazing that so many years can go by, without ever having consciously realized the significance of this day, of this time.

Our Pagan brothers and sisters have been celebrating and marking this time for thousands of years. Unfortunately Christianity was intimidated by the thought that anything other than Jesus and their priesthood could have power and influence over people, so they sanctioned a holiday just 4 days after this sacred time to distract and overpower. 

Now I do love Christmas, and I regularly call on Jesus, as he was a great master, but let's just say it like it is, Christmas was not originally a time to celebrate Christ's birth. (In fact, many Santa Claus and Christmas stories originate to a tale of a Shaman and a magical mushroom, no joke)

Its date was chosen to compete with the Pagan, Goddess, or Earth Loving celebrations. In many places, such type of gatherings were banned or outlawed, as it was considered sin to mark the times of the seasons, connect with the Otherworld, and go into the depths of the human soul. What we do not understand, we fear, and in those times of oppression, the differences seemed greater than the similarities. 

Thank Goodness that it is here. The time has finally come. 

To celebrate in the open again. We've been born into such an open, loving generation. Although we often hear of reports of the contrary (understandably, these are chaotic times) - it's actually amazing to sit back sometimes and revel in the freedom that we all have. 

The church has lost it's grip, we are awakening to the fact that we do not need to go to a priest to be atoned for our 'sins', we do not need to follow an empire that is based on the singular celebration of the masculine, and we do not need to learn the teachings of Jesus through controversial manuscripts written by the hands of men. We can find all this, and more, in our hearts.

We can celebrate the Goddess, we can celebrate the seasons, we can celebrate our connections, and hopefully, we can look back at the last few thousand years with compassion and forgiveness, though I know there is an anger and a violation within many of us that first needs to be honoured before we can heal. 

So now, in my awakeness, in my growth, and in my childish wonder, I can honour that the darkest day of the year is upon us, and it is time to give the last of our pains, our troubles, our impatience, and our fears from 2013 to the dying embers of the flame. For tonight, all will be in darkness.

And a universal rebirth will take place.

Tonight I'm joining a group of beautiful souls at a friends house, to gather with music and the holiday spirit. I will no doubt come home to spend some time in the darkness, in my favouritest of places, my bed, to simply feel and experience the vibration of this event. Woot woot!

Tomorrow, I will spend time meditating on my heart's visions, and my core desired feelings, and will be creating a vision board from the insights. In truth, I've actually spent the last month reflecting on what I really want to create in 2014, so I feel really excited going into the manifestation process having become so clear on my desires. I'll share the fruits of my labour with you in a later post ;)

I'd love to know - How will you be celebrating? 

Has this period, the solstice, grabbed your attention more than in recent years? Or does it seem just like any other day? Either way, it's beautiful, it's perfect. Either way, solstice will work it's magic.

Either way, we will be renewed. 

If you'd like some more ideas on how to celebrate and mark this beautiful day, head over to Mystic Mamma to read her ritual ideas and celebrations!

Lots of love folks, and have the best Pagan New Year ever!

xo Beth

Ps. Please note I mean no disrespect to the essence of Christianity. I was raised as a Catholic and attended Catholic school up until my graduation, and I know that at it's core, the true faith means to spread only love. I merely feel I have a duty to share some of the AHA moments I've had surrounding the Christian/Goddess dichotomy. Thank you. xo