My Top 5 Moments in Bali

Sometimes it can be beautiful to take a moment to reflect - on amazing experiences, lessons learned, and feelings felt. Life seems to happen so quickly, and moments you thought you’d never forget fade like sand slipping through clenched hands. 

I’m OK with moments ending, and time passing - in fact, change is one of my favourite things - but it’s always nice to look back on trips, relationships, and events, and be able to pinpoint some of the most exhilarating moments. 

The Full Moon in Leo rising in Canggu, Bali

The Full Moon in Leo rising in Canggu, Bali

As many of you know, I recently spent a month in Bali, first teaching at a retreat, and then, questing on to backpack the island for the next few weeks. It was one of those trips that sort of documents a tangible shift in your life. There’s a certain energy to my life that wasn’t there before I left, and for that I am truly grateful, and kind of in awe.

Bali was so much. It was so full. I had my ups, and my downs. (Of course!) But here are my Top 5 moments from the trip. I hope they inspire you to a) either book a trip somewhere far far away, because it’s amazing and gets you out of your comfort zone - and/or b) reflect on some amazing experiences that you’ve recently had. 


1. That Time I Saw Dolphins

So I was chilling on a boat, a great boat, that took me from these beautiful little islands back to Bali - and was daydreaming about something I wanted to create in my life. I was feeling all sorts of tender love feelings when the crew started shouting like crazy (and if anyone has met Indonesians you know they do this often, and it is always hilarious) - I turned around wondering what the fuss was about, and then, I saw it. DOLPHINS! Wild dolphins!

There were maybe 60-100 of them, it was hard to tell at the speed we were going at. The whole boat got excited and was shouting at them (super lovingly), and one starting playing along with us and did some pretty impressive jumps out of the water to glide along with us. It was so awesome, and it also was such a great omen about what I was intending to create through that initial visualization. 


2. Seeing Nahko in an Intimate Venue

I adore a musician called Nahko Bear, and his band called Nahko + Medicine for the People. He is one inspirational, conscious dude, whose lyrics are full of soul stirringly good storytelling. 

WELL, on one of my first few nights in Bali, it just so happens he was playing a small venue. The only show he would be playing in Indonesia. Of course, I made sure I went! 

When Nahko got on, he put a spell over me, and the whole audience, I’m sure. I was fortunate enough to grab a spot that was front and center, and I knew it was a rare experience to be able to connect with this artist in such an intimate way.

I can’t really describe this top moment in words. It was more a feeling that you get when you’re witnessing the divine moving through a human. And a human man. I am truly in love with the sacred masculine. And music.


3. Dancing on the Speakers with my Girlfriend

I’m a bit of a dancer. By that I mean - I LOVE TO DANCE. I dance a bit crazy sometimes, and one of my girlfriends who I met down there was really into it. She said - how do you dance like that? 

I told her my secret - “Close your eyes, and repeat to yourself, nobody cares how sexy I am, nobody cares how sexy I am. And just feel the music.”

Well, lots of laughs and a few shots of tequila later, we are dancing all around the island. In particular, at this one place where the dance floor hadn’t quite got started. 

Once people had joined us and there was less floor on the dancefloor, we hopped up on  the speakers, one for each of us, and just went crazy and let loose to the music. Not for show, or for attention, but for the love of music, of friendship, of getting wild, and maybe, just maybe, to inspire others to let go just a little bit more.


4. When I met a Soul Friend + Gave an Angel Card Reading at a Bar

I kept seeing this guy around, when I was on Gili Trawangan. He’d be at the cafe I always went to, at my resort, on the street. Finally after I saw him 3 times in one day, I went up and introduced myself. It turns out he was the bar manager of the place I was staying at. (Also, just to mention, yes he was quite sexy :D)

We had a couple conversations that night, and the next day I ended up sitting with him at his bar. It was pretty slow, and early on in the evening. At this point in my journey, I’m kind of writing men off. My experience with a lot of the travellers on that island, especially men, is that they were looking for a good time, and pretty much nothing else. Not depth, and definitely not true connection. (Maybe it was judgmental or closed-hearted, but I was just going through what I needed to at that time)

Despite this, I still had my angel cards with me in hopes that someone I met that night would benefit from them. I pulled them out, and this man got kind of stoked. He said his Grandma was super into Tarot, and he wanted a reading. I thought - ‘Cool!’ let’s do it!! And was expecting maybe a one or three card reading to keep it simple.

After I suggested a short reading he said “No, I want a full Celtic Cross.” - and that was the moment I knew there was a little more to this guy. He knew the name of the most common spread in Tarot, and it’s a long reading - 10 cards. 

During our reading, and conversation, I discover that he’s coming up with a project to give some practical solutions for water filtration in countries that need it, he’s super into Earthships and sustainable living, he’s also super into his spirituality and even recommended a book to me - and even though he’s a bar manager on a party island - he’s sober. He could also identify all 3 crystals in my pocket. :D

Ok... so... Ya. You’re awesome. After that, I had more faith in the people I was meeting. And I hope to see this soul friend again one day. 

(Ps. Sorry ladies, he had a girlfriend, so there’s no juice to report ;D)


5. A Healing Ceremony Between the Masculine + the Feminine

This is a big one. On the last day of the retreat I was attending and teaching at, we had a Cacao Ceremony. This is essentially a sacred ceremony that involves drinking and eating cacao, while connecting over our deepest intentions, and beyond. Ok, and now I’ll shorten that. It’s a magical ceremony that revolves around chocolate :D

Near the end of this ceremony, we were asked to split into sections of the men and women. The women started dancing around the men, and then were asked to connect with each one, in the eyes, and in the heart, and to say “I’m sorry, I love you, please forgive me” - as an act of healing between the divine feminine and the sacred masculine. 

Our retreat family at the Villa Gaia in Ubud Bali, shortly after the ceremony

Our retreat family at the Villa Gaia in Ubud Bali, shortly after the ceremony

The men were then asked to do the same for the women. Whatever was going on, whatever the underlying energy on that day -something happened. Most of us were balling. I felt intensely - all of the ways that women have been denied and mistreated by the masculine - and within that, a truly deep desire to forgive them for it. 

I felt the responsibility on the part of the women, that somehow, we were responsible too, for giving our power away. I felt some of the men really get it, genuinely get what the divine feminine had been through.

I also felt the way they had felt belittled by the feminine, made fun of for not being manly enough or good looking enough. 

I felt a lot. Like a lot. And through that ceremony, I had a major release. 


Many blessings and much love to you on your journeys loves. Thank you for taking the time to read and reflect with me!

xo Beth