3 Steps to Becoming the Healer You Are

In my work, I constantly am connecting with young women who just want to be of service. Us young, awakened women are rather intelligent, and emotionally and spiritually in tune.

We know better than to chase what the rest of the world seems to be enthralled by. Yes, lots of money would be nice. A flawless complexion, yeah that could be pretty cool, but not necessary. Looking good in the eyes of your peers? Fleeting. 


Us awakened women are looking for more. Much more.


We are looking for the reason why we are here. On planet earth. And though we can get caught up with the rest of the world, ultimately, we always come back to that place - How can I be of service? Why am I here? How can I give my gifts to the world?

But much of the time, we are a little bit perplexed on how to give what we’ve got to the world. We can either lack confidence, or even direction. Many of my clients really want to feel like they are on the right path, but they have no idea what that path is. 

And so I will break it down for you, easy peasy, by giving you 3 steps to bring your life purpose into your life in a very significant way. It is very possible to live life in a way that you know you are doing what you came here to do. Here’s how to access that feeling:


1. Ask for Clear Guidance 

Of course. You knew it was coming. Ask for help ya’ll! If you’re confused about what your gifts are, and how you can be of most service, then ASK! Ask Spirit, your angels, the faeries, Kali, Buddha, Jesus, whoever you vibe with most - for help! This can be done as easily as saying something like “Angels, I need your help. Please guide me to understand what my gifts are and how I can best use them. Please answer me clearly, in a way I can easily understand! Thank you!”

The trick with this is to ask everyday, many times a day, if you can. For whatever reason, amping up how often you ask, usually amps up the results you get back.

So make it your practice to ask for clear guidance every single day. This is something I do about 30-50 times a day. I ask my body what it wants to eat, I ask the angels what they want me to do, I ask like a crazy person. (Because I am a crazy person. And I like it :D)


2. Listen

These steps are super simple, yes I am aware. But you wouldn’t believe how many people come to me for guidance that are simply not taking the time to listen to their own inner selves! Many many. And I love you all. But please my sweet ones, carve out some time to meditate or to be in nature all on your own. You will discover an entire world of knowledge and wisdom before you. 

Once you have asked, your signs can come in many ways. Through people, through songs, through synchronicities. So please listen to what happens in your daily life. Pay attention. To the small things, you may have missed before. 

When you make time to get quiet, listen to a guided meditation, hug a tree, or whatever else embodies the energy of listening for you - you are going to get answers. 

These answers may not strike you in the exact moment. Meaning, you might not receive your answer through shouting EUREKA deep in the forest as your exact life purpose comes to you in a shiny sparkly vision. (Or you may, who knows)

The answers might come to you later, after meditation. When we’re in meditation we’re allowing Source to enter deep into our subconscious mind, and sometimes we don’t actually receive the transmission until it comes out organically later on that day or week. 

With this step, consistency is important as well. I suggest meditating at least 3x a week. I personally meditate every day, at least once. Download some guided meditations. They’ll help a lot and make it more fun. I love Gabby Bernstein's. I’m also coming out with my own meditation album within the next few weeks. FINALLY! I’ll let you know when it’s coming out if you sign up with your e-mail below. When you do that, I'll also send you a few meditations to get your started. 


3. Act on the Guidance You Receive

OK OK I know. These steps are just so simple. And you’ve probably heard them before. But that’s because they work! I promise if you follow the guidance of ASKING, LISTENING, and ACTING, you will be in the experience of being the healer, the teacher, or the creator that you want to be, sooner than you could have imagined.

This step involves you acting on the inner guidance that came when you listened. Now to be clear, the guidance may not be something you can see will help your dreams come true. Act on it anyway. 

Ex. You may want to be an energy healer, and your inner guidance tells you to sign up for an ecstatic dance workshop. Or to go to your local cafe that morning. Or to call a friend you haven’t heard from in a while. 

All of these bits are parts of your path, parts of your process. You could completely open up your heart chakra in that workshop, and be a more powerful healer because of it. You could see a poster at that cafe for a women’s circle that will be a game changer for you. That friend might be in need of an energy boost, which you can offer to her as a gift, while getting practice for your expression of healing. 

You never know! Just follow the guidance, and see what happens! If you need help understanding what your inner guidance is saying, follow these 2 rules of thumb: 1) Inner guidance feels good, no matter what. 2) Inner guidance is repetitive, so if you miss a sign, don't worry, it will come back!

As with the ones above, this step needs consistency. If you ask, listen, and act on your inner guidance every day for a week, your life will be changed. Every day for 3 months, and you will have expanded deeply. Every day for a year and you will be a powerful healer and guide for those who you wish to touch.


If you want to go further with this, please request to join my private Facebook group - Angel Coaching with Beth Katherine.

In the group, you get to request specific guidance for your journey, as well as have access to videos + stories I don’t share with anyone else. I’d love to connect with you further! Request access here.

Lots of love!

xo Beth