3 Angel Books That Changed My Life

Hi babes!

I get asked a lot for recommendations for resources to learn more about angels. Today I thought I’d sit down and share with you 3 books that totally transformed my life, by bringing me in closer contact with my angels.

My work with angels started when I read one of the books I talk about below - Ask Your Guides. It was through this book that I began to invoke the presence and help of Archangel Michael - a process that has deeply changed the course of my life.

I am so grateful to these authors and messengers for sharing their work, so we may all benefit by becoming more conscious of the great light beings that constantly surround us. 

1. Ask Your Guides by Sonia Choquette

As I mention above, this book was the one that started it all. I was captivated by what I was reading, and I remember devouring the book in the back of my Financial Institutions & Markets class while I was in University studying Finance. (I told you the angels changed the course of my life! ;) haha)  In it, Sonia, a gifted healer and psychic, introduces you to the various Spirit Guides & Angels you have available to you, at any given time. She also shares how you can begin working with them, all in a very easy to understand way. I highly recommend this one! (OK I highly recommend them all… :D)


2. Angel Medicine by Doreen Virtue

This book is like turquoise water lapping up on the shores of your soul. It’s a personal account of Doreen’s life, while she was traveling through Greece and connecting to a group of angels called the Angels of Atlantis. There is some incredible information in this book - in it I learned that sunsets soothe and nourish our lower chakras, grounding us and preparing us for sleep. I learned that those who lived lives in Atlantis wear crystals - our way of recognizing each other. I learned about all the different colours of healing, and how we can invoke each one for different purposes. It’s so good! I gave my copy to my best friend and she is currently eating it up. 


3. Angels in My Hair by Lorna Byrne

Oh my goodness, I can’t even begin to express how deeply this book affected my life. Lorna is an Irish mystic, who grew up in fairly difficult conditions, and get this - she’s been seeing angels with her physical eyes for her entire life. It took her a while to even understand that other people could not see them, and other people thought she had mental disabilities because she would constantly be staring at what other’s could not see - enraptured in a world that was only visible to her. This book will amp up your faith enormously, as Lorna’s kind hearted and honest accounts of the angels presence in all of our lives is like nothing else I’ve ever heard. It is an autobiography, so it reads kind of like a fiction novel. A captivating read!

I hope that if one of these titles speaks to you, that you go to the bookstore and pick yourself up a copy! It’s kind of incredible how one book can affect your life so intensely.

If you are ready to connect more deeply with your angels right away, I invite you to book a complimentary 30 minute session with me. It is with great purpose and intention that I share the messages I receive with you from the angelic realm, so you can more effectively be the healers and teachers that you came here to be. (And so you can learn to love yourselves more!)

Much love, many blessings, and may you be open to the angelic guidance that is flowing your way!

xo Beth