3 Steps To Get Clear On Your Gifts, So You Can Offer Them To The World

4.5 years ago I was in my final days of studying Finance, and I felt like if I looked at one more spreadsheet or textbook under way-too-bright fluorescent lights, I would die. (Thankfully that didn't happen...) Most of my attention had shifted from scholarly pursuits to the world of angels, intuition, and spiritual growth

And as such, I was getting ready to leave the idea of a career in Finance behind. I was dating an entrepreneur at the time, and his spark had ignited me --- somehow I knew I was meant to go out and forge my own path, I knew I was meant to share my newfound spiritual connection with others. I knew I was meant to be of service.  

But I didn't know how. I didn't know what it would look like.

Lucky for me, upon graduation my choices were clear. Go out and get a job, or figure out what I wanted to offer the world, and get to it.  

I chose the latter. I started my business, then called Waves of Fire, in January 2012, and decided to offer crystal necklaces as one of my main offerings. Within a few months, requests for custom pieces started, and I began to have lots of 1-on-1 conversations with many women who were looking for spiritual healing + a deeper connection.

While connecting with these women, I discovered that I was receiving messages from the angelic realms (messages like "I think you have some past life issues to heal with your father.".. started to come through), and by September, I was offering free 1 hour angel sessions to those who were interested. 

Fast forward a few years, and my list of offerings continued to evolve, based on my new experiences: Natural skin care + herbal products, custom made dreamcatchers, meditation coaching, workshops about angels, a meditation album, and more! 

Through the process of playing, and just trying things out, I was finding my groove - slowly, but surely. 

Now, I mainly offer intuitive business coaching for young women, and totally LOVE it! This feels super true to my soul, and I know it's a valuable service. I feel clear. I'm supported financially, and fed spiritually. This is where I'm meant to be. I'm using my natural gifts, and I can feel it.  

But as you can see, this clarity didn't happen overnight. Nor did the skill set. (It took me years to develop + understand what I now teach.) 

Over the next week, I'm going to be sharing 3 key steps with you. that I took in order to reach this clarity + confidence in my work. Yes, this clarity will take some time + work, but it's worth it. Knowing what you want to do in the world, and actually doing it, is priceless. 


Step 1:  P L A Y !


You might be wanting to pinpoint something specific to offer the world, but it's only when you try things out and play around, that you'll get the clarity you seek! 

Clarity comes, not from the head, but is felt in the body. You can think about doing something for months, but if you don't actually act on it and try it, you'll never know if it's truly right for you. It's acting on our ideas that gives us a tangible sense of: Yes, No, or Maybe (With Some Tweaking!)


Here are some steps to start playing:


  • Create a simple website with a blog (I recommend Squarespace), and start talking about whatever inspires you. A recipe for pizza dough you invented last night, that time you went skinny dipping with your girlfriends, or perhaps a flash of insight your received in meditation last week. I don't care how random it is. Let yourself be silly until you find the subject matter that lights you up! Be sure to share your stories with our Facebook group, and with your followers on social media. 


  • If you're wondering if coaching or healing work is for you, offer free sessions to people in your community or online. Try different things. Offer angel card readings, reiki sessions, nutrition coaching, crystal healings, herbal consults, or whatever else stokes your fire! Keep in mind - these sessions will be for free, so there is no pressure! Just try it, and you'll find your guinea pigs are quite receptive. People love to help, and be helped. As you hold these sessions, you'll get experience, and will get new ideas for other offerings. (Please note, thinking about what you would do in a session, is much different than actually holding a session--- ie. thinking about offering sessions doesn't count. Only hosting them does! So get on it, magical laday!)


  • Take workshops, volunteer with local non-profits, and learn new things! I significantly deepened my connection to Mother Earth when I started volunteering for a local environmental non-profit. This helped me understand that no matter what I talked about, the earth would be a main feature of my work. What about you? Are there any courses you can take to learn more about something you are interested in? Do you feel drawn to a certain cause? Go get your hands dirty, learn new things, and connect with people who share your interests. You never know where it will take you!


Please note... YOU HAVE AMAZING GIFTS INSIDE OF YOU. You are not some exception... you are incredibly gifted. You have come here for a reason. If you have a desire to share your wellness wisdom or healing work with the world, it is because you are MEANT TO! So please, commit to this journey of playing, because there is GOLD inside of you, waiting to be re-discovered and shared with the world. 

Stay tuned for Parts 2 + 3 coming in the next week, all about how to find clarity + rediscover your gifts! Be sure to sign up below to receive the next juicy tips! :D

XO Beth