Uniting the Inner Queen and Inner Knight


Today I want to share the story of the Inner Queen + the Inner Knight with you...

—- Inside of you, you have an Inner Queen. She's super badass, majestic, and connected. She is completely in her feminine, and therefore one of her skills is to deeply listen and receive. She communes with the Divine, and receives a clear vision for her Queendom, directly from Source.

—- Inside of you, you also have an Inner Knight. He is strong, willful, and vibrant. He's deeply embodied in his masculine, and loves to take action, to build things, and is a master at following-through.

The Inner Queen and Inner Knight are a perfect match, and if they are working together in a healthy way, this is what happens:

It all begins with the Queen. We live in a reality where it starts from the feminine, we are birthed from the womb, the feminine is our first gateway onto Planet Earth.

So... the Queen begins by downloading the vision for her Queendom. She tells the Knight what her visions are, and he goes out and makes them a reality. He uses his physical prowess, direction, and organizational skills, to build the vision.

When this duo is in harmony, the Divine's visions come to life, through their union.

However, what happens when only one of the duo, is active?

<3 Well, if the Queen is doing her thing, but the Knight is not... She has an amazing vision. She sees what she wants, in her imagination. Yet... nothing external happens. The vision is there... The action steps to bring it about... Not so much.

<3 And if the Knight is active, but not the Queen, he has no Divinely directed vision to work with. In his nature, he will act, act, act + do, do, do, but ends up spinning his wheels, and with no Divine vision - his action ends up being destructive, rather than constructive.

You probably know where I'm going with this...

Where are you on this scale? Is you Inner Queen running the show? Do you have visions for your life, that never seem to materialize? Are you often on the meditation pillow, day-dreaming, and vision-boarding... but have no follow through?

Or is your Inner Knight the one taking full charge... Are you a doer, always busy, working on something, but you end up burnt out, and feel like your actions aren't propelling you towards your dreams. With every tick of the to-do list, 5 more appear... and it's a never ending game of DO!

Or maybe, you're somewhere in between!

<3 I believe that in order to create a life of flow, freedom, and purpose, we need to have both our Inner Queens and Inner Knights activated. Sometimes we have cycles in our lives where the Queen needs more attention, and sometimes, the Knight does, but ideally they are always working together, talking, and respecting one another. <3

This is the foundation of what Divine Feminine in Business means to me. This is how I'm able to have a successful business, serving women, serving the Earth, while also feeling connected to the Divine - Inner Union. (And to be clear - I'm ALWAYS working on this!)

I want to take you a lot deeper into this, if you'll let me. In my new free 6 day training, we are going to go into ceremony with the Inner Queen, and then the Inner Knight. I'll be giving you practical steps to connect with each of these parts of you, and by the end of the journey, your Inner Queen and Inner Knight will both be flourishing, talking to one-another, and ready to co-create your dreams.

You can learn about the journey, and sign up here:http://www.bethkatherine.com/femininebiz

*I also want to mention that years ago I read the basis of this metaphor somewhere, and completely forgot where that was. If you know where the original metaphor came from, please let me know so I can credit this magical person!

Lots of love, and inner world magic to you,
xo Beth