3 Keys to Making a Living as a Healer


What does it really take to make a living as a healer? What does it really take, to have a business whose number one goal is to serve the planet - while welcoming in support + abundance of all kinds to help you with that mission?

A massive list of followers? Stellar photography? Luck?

No, no, and no.

Over the past 6.5 years, I’ve been a full-time spiritually-based entrepreneur, and let me tell you, the road has not always been easy. But it’s been worth it.

I used to have a vision. I would travel the world while supporting women on their spiritual paths. And 6 years ago, I held this vision, but I was not living it. I was living close to downtown, in a city (Im a nature girl through and through so this was not my ideal) - not even able to join my friends for a dinner out, because I couldn’t afford it. I managed to get by on around $1000 a month.

I could have gone out and gotten a corporate job, with my fresh university degree in Finance.

But that wasn’t even on the table, in my mind. I had awoken to my calling, and there was no stopping it.

I had to hold the vision for years before it became a reality. I now am able to travel like I always knew I would, all the time, while holding space for incredible women who are here to change this planet, just like I am.

But how did this happen? From the vision, to the realization of that vision, what were the keys?

Here are 3 of my non-negotiables when anchoring your vision of a soul-based business into reality:

1) <3 Perseverance <3

I have failed. And I picked myself up, and tried again. Many, many times. I have launched a group program I spent weeks preparing, to have 2 people sign up. I have worked on a a crystal jewelry line and shared artistic photography + graphics from that line, working tirelessly to bring the vision to life, to hear crickets on social media. I have said the wrong thing publicly, and had to deal with the effects of my own poorly-worded statements. I have felt enormous amounts of fear while launching an offering, and had to pause and integrate past-life fears coming up, in order to continue.

And I kept going. There has only been 1 time on this journey that I seriously considered quitting. But even then I didn’t. Because if you ask any successful entrepreneur what it takes to ‘make it’, they’ll echo me - Perseverance. I’ve seen too many women go for it, and then, when some fear comes up, or the outcome they wanted didn’t happen, they quit.

You are not a quitter! You are a fierce badass meant to change the frequency of this planet. And you will. So what if you fail a time, or two, or even ten? That just makes you wiser, and more courageous for the next time. Eventually, something will click. And you’ll be glad you kept going.

2) <3 Wealth Consciousness <3

Potentially, the most important piece to receiving for your work is to anchor in wealth consciousness. In your subconscious, you have hundreds of beliefs that tell you things like “Money is hard to come by”, “Intuitives and creatives can’t make good money” and maybe even “Rich people are bad.” In order to unravel years of negative conditioning around money, we need to focus on changing these beliefs.

How? Through journaling, meditation, affirmations, prayer, ritual, reading books about money, taking care of our finances, and more. I will go into this in much greater detail in our free 6 day course on the Divine Feminine in Business. Sign up here: http://www.bethkatherine.com/femininebiz

3) <3 Self-Worth <3

I’ve seen women with grainy photography, and lacklustre websites, bring in the big bucks. I’ve seen women with huge audiences struggle to pay their rent. Part of this is what I’ve outlined above - wealth consciousness - but if we take wealth consciousness a step-deeper, it’s all about self-worth. Do you see value in your very being? Do you see value in your work? Do you love yourself no matter what, no matter who signs up or how much money is in the bank? When we value ourselves, when we know our light, and our worth, people can feel that. Our energy becomes magnetic.

This is why these women with smaller followings can create wealth in their lives… their energy is magnetic, because they truly value themselves, their lives and their work. This is an ongoing process… But when you are feeling insecure about yourself and your work, and you have a choice to post on Social Media, or go into the forest to meditate… go to the forest. Reconnect with your brilliance before you share your message. It will change the frequency of your work + invite in people who see your value too.

To go deeper with me on this, I invite you to join a free 6 day course, all about the Divine Feminine in Business - how to receive for your work, while you stay in your integrity. Sign up here: http://www.bethkatherine.com/femininebiz