Swaying with a Snake in Greece...


Earlier today, I was moving through some dense energy, and decided to face it... breathing into my womb, and then, beginning to dance... activating my 'turn on', and thereby changing my mood, rather quickly.

I was soon after inspired to take a walk, and asked my Higher Self to lead me... as I'm in a city in Greece that is totally new to me. I was guided to walk down to the harbour, and soon passed a woman, holding a snake, and offering photos with it. I passed by, and couldn't stop thinking about the snake. It quickly pulled me back. I was less interested in getting my photo taken with it, and more interested in just spending time with it. Even though I have a snake tattoo, I'd never actually touched a snake.

So I walked back to the woman, who turned out to be Syrian and very lovely. She offered me her snake, and though I was nervous, I Iet her drape it around me. For the first few minutes of connecting with it, I sent it loving energy and thank yous, but didn't take my eyes off it's head. But after we took the photos, and the snake stayed on me, I started to feel very comfortable. Within 10 minutes I was chatting away, to the lovely Syrian snake woman, without needing to check on the snake and where his head was at. At one point I began dancing with him, and he perked up and started moving with me, bringing his eyes to mine and checking me out. Kundalini to kundalini. Many people walked by and were shocked. Most made sounds of fear, and only 2 came over to touch him, none feeling safe enough to hold him.

It's amazing the brainwashing our culture has around snakes. Snakes are powerful creatures, and have been revered through ancient cultures all over the world, including the Minoan culture, a Goddess based society that thrived on the island Im currently on - Crete. After a while, I gave the snake back to his keeper, and told her I'd be back another day. When I left, I felt like something was missing. You know that feeling when you spend a night with a lover, and you can feel their touch lingering for hours after you part - and you long for it? That was what it felt like. Like my body missed the snake. 💗

I'm looking forward to going back to see him soon.