Patriarchy has Created a Self-Help Boss Goddess Guru Machine...


Patriarchy has infiltrated the world of spirituality, and has helped create a self-help boss goddess guru queen machine.

I've noticed that the women who are making big bucks, say $50k a month or more, and who have very pretty, trendy instagram photos get immediately positioned as "expert" "guru" and people who we deem are very aligned.

They might be talking about spirituality, how spirituality helped them make money, how you can have anything you want, etc.

And because of these patriarchal ideals they have (lots of money, instagram fame, + beauty) - we'll often think of them as 'thou holy guru'. We feel they must be very aligned. They must live near-perfect lives! We need to be like them! Quick, what do we do to become them? ...And then we get frantic. Or feel like shit. Or in the odd case, get inspired.

But here's the thing...

Patriarchy has fucked with our minds.

We still use patriarchal ideals to decide if someone is really walking and living in their truth.

As if $50k months plus cute photos for sure mean they've 'got it'!

But as I sat around a campfire lastnight, singing my heart out, with amazing humans on a beach for the eclipse...

I was reminded of true wealth...

~The kind of wealth that has you gather your community, for free, for a cacao ceremony, drumming, and a dance, for a cosmic event.

~The kind of wealth that is in the magic of eye contact in moments of vulnerability with new friends.

~The kind of wealth you feel when you pray with the dark ocean, at night.

~The kind of wealth you feel in witnessing someone opening their throat chakra and finding their courage, right in front of you.

~The kind of wealth, that has you speaking deep from your womb, as you feel your Higher Self pulse and speak through you.

~The kind of wealth that has nothing to do with money.

Some of my mentors are not well known. They don't have a ton of followers on instagram. They're abundant, but not making $50k a month.

But they speak from their wombs.

They live in alignment.

They don't spend 2 hours a day manifesting money with affirmations. They receive the light of Source and it magnetizes magic into their lives.

They might not be that trendy.

But they're real as fuck.

They have the deep belly wisdom and embodiment that is lacking in many of the self-help goddess boss guru types.

And I have love and admiration for these people.

We should still get inspired by them. Everyone has gifts.

But far too many of us are using those Patriarchal ideals as guidelines, without even realizing it - and choosing mentors or inspirations who are not nearly as in alignment as they are often professing themselves to be.

...While skipping over people of true and great wisdom because they don't meet the standards we deem as "boss goddess" worthy.

And so... My invitation for all of us, myself included, is to not get distracted my smoke and mirrors.

To choose to look up to someone or work with them or follow them because they FEEL like a RESONANT fit with our soul's journey. And not because our ego feels like we're lacking something and so we must be like the one who 'has it all together'.

Because real wealth is right in front of us. In Mother Earth, in our communities...

And we often forget this, as we scroll, as we compare, and as the ego hijacks us for a little while...

You are perfect as you are.

Making a ton of cash isn't the benchmark for someone's spiritual greatness.

May we remember the wealth in crashing waves, authentic presence, and our own truths...