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Homework from this session


Part 1:

1. Where is your ideal client at right now? What is going on in her life? What does she struggle with, what are her dreams, what do you wish she knew?


2. What stories do you have, that can relate to where she/he is at? What stories do you have that can relate to her struggles? What stories do you have that can relate to where she wants to be?

3. Write these stories down (even just a title of what the story is about) --- Use these stories as e-mails to your list, posts in your FB Group, on Instagram, and as blog posts. When it's time to send out an email or post on FB you'll have many ideas of what to write about!


Part 2:

Now, it's time to get some high quality photography. Create a plan on how you're going to get some nice photography, and have some fun visualizing what the vibe of it will be!

Will you ask a friend for help, do a trade with a local photographer, hire someone whose photos you love?

I would highly recommend this step, you'll be able to use these photos for months and months to come, and they will really up-level how your work comes across in the world. You'll also be able to use these photos when you put together your program / coaching journey / course during the 2nd half of this program.