The Lessons of Overgiving + The Courage to Rest

A few weeks ago I committed to a 40 day blog challenge. I decided I was going to post one blog per day. 

Writing is one of my favourite things in the world, and so it seemed like an amazing thing to do to get myself typing on those keys more often. 

However, in the past week or so I've been feeling really raw. And not like that vulnerable raw of open goodness that feels great and freeing.

But the kind of raw where I'm digging to find things in places that are fresh and gaping. And these places are not calling for more digging and outputting. They are calling for silence.


For those longterm readers, you know I like to get personal, vulnerable, and real in my blog posts. But I've come to learn I can't do that everyday. These posts feel GREAT to write, but it simply isn't sustainable for me to do them daily. They require deep soul journeying. Deep soul journeying requires space, time, and elegance.

When I am planning events, working 1 - on -1  with clients, emailing, designing websites, and brainstorming for new projects, I don't always have the energy to deep soul journeying for posts. AND THAT IS SO OK. WOOHOO I SAID IT!!! ( Go me :D )

So, I am still 100% committed to this blog challenge, but I need to revise the details. 

The new details involve MEDITATING on blogging every day.

Today - Do I have something to give? Am I excited and inspired and flowing?

If not, I am going to give myself breathing room and let that be OK. Can I receive my own gift of rest? 


So now I'd like you to take a minute to reflect. Are there any areas of your life where you're over giving? Pushing yourself so you don't disappoint others? Letting your battery get low so you don't drop any commitments? 

Giving is great. Giving when you need to stop and recharge your batteries instead, not so great. 

Give yourself permission to revisit. Be a revolutionary heart based bad-ass, and BE OK WITH ADAPTING. 

These are intense times. The more we can honour our need to take time and space, the more love we'll have to share when it's time. 


You rock

xo Beth