Today, I was Helped by the Angels

I often refer to my time in Tofino as 'Event School' -  the reason being that I've actively wanted to get involved in events, but up until now, have only dabbled a bit here and there. 

So upon moving to Tofino a few months ago, I knew I had an opportunity to get my hands dirty and just give 'er. Tofino, though a small town, is a hotbed of young, social souls (due to it's status as 'Canada's Surf Capital') and a mecca for tourism. It offers a constant flow of new people who are looking to connect and engage with the local culture - the perfect scenario for those interested in creating events.  


Hence, why I've dubbed it 'Event School', as with a little willingness + the spirit of a self-starter, one can learn the ins and outs of event planning + execution. The opportunities are here!

My first event? A fundraiser for an organization I'm an ambassador with - Women for Whales. It's a night of inspirational speakers (including Roxy sponsored surfer Catherine Bruhwiler and Morgan Callison, the founder of the only health food store in Tofino - Green Soul Organics), Raffle Prizes from amazing local companies, AND a epic local DJ to end the night with dancing + good vibes.

As I'm new to throwing events, I wasn't fully up on all the components of the evening. I'm learning things like, what to bring with you when you're dropping off tickets to vendors, the best ways to approach a store for raffle prizes, etc. I'm also learning that when things go wrong, the angels totally have my back. 

A few hours ago I found out that the PA system I was counting on (in essence: the sound equipment) - wasn't available, and I didn't know anyone else in town who had what I needed. In a town of 2000 people, where the closest city is a 2 hour drive away, this is semi-worrisome, as there isn't a big box store, or a list of businesses you can go to when in a pinch.

Imagining a night, that was supposed to be full of dancing and good music, without a stereo system, left a mild panic in my being. 

But with Marie Forleo's voice in my head saying 'Everything is figure-outeable', and lots of prayers to the angels sent in, I was confident I could make it work. 

Heading to the internet, and Tofino's local Facebook group (we're tight like that :D) - I put out a semi desperate plea - 'Help! I need a PA system for tomorrow night!' - After I posted the comment, I scrolled down to see that someone had just posted a picture of the most extensive PA system I'd ever seen, saying it was available. I'd never seen a PA system on the group before, and this one had only very recently been posted. How magical is that?

To keep the story simple, 15 minutes later, I had not 1, but 2 PA systems lined up, just in case the first one fell through. 

And I am so full of gratitude for both the people + the synchronicites of Spirit, for allowing what could have been a major meltdown to turn into an incredible opportunity to honour - we are truly taken care of. I know without a doubt my angels were working with me big time on this one.

Now I'm going to enjoy a cup of tea, a little Oprah, and settle in to the night before my first official party! How exciting is that!

Much love to you beautiful people,

And say it with me! "I am truly taken care of."


xo Beth