Madeline of Natural Hormone Healing // How She Started Her Healing Business

This post is the fifth in the 'How She Started Her Healing Business' series, where 7 inspiring young entrepreneurs share the story of how they created their holistic careers - giving you inspiration, advice, and a window into how you can do it too!

Today's post comes to us from Madeline, the founder of Natural Hormone Healing! Madeline is a modern day medicine woman, who takes a unique + refreshing approach to helping women find true health. 


Why I love Madeline:

Madeline has introduced me to a world of healing that I previously didn't know about. While many of us know about the benefits of green juice, yoga, and the like - she comes in with a distinctly different piece. She honours the traditions of our ancestors, and our undeniable connection to the earth and our wilderness, in a way that's still approachable and doable in our fast paced world. She is, in short, quite brilliant, and when speaking with her, you will be sure to become radically inspired by her vast amount of wisdom! She's a very lovely human being in so many ways. :)


Why I love this article:

Though Madeline is a storehouse of knowledge, she, like so many of us, wasn't exactly equipped with a business GPS at birth. She shares her journey, honestly. The parts that flowed for her, and came naturally, as well as the parts that she struggles with and is still working on today. I love the authenticity of this piece, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!



I’ve had a passion for health and healing since I was 18. 


During my first year of college, I spent a lot of my time watching David Wolfe’s you tube videos on super foods when I should have been studying for my political science degree. It became clear to me where my passions really lay and I dropped out of university to enrol in nutrition school the next year.

I began working in different health food stores, and after my certification, I started working at The Light Cellar, (an amazing boutique style super food shop in Calgary) where I was able to really immerse myself in my passion for medicinal and nutritional herbs, super food nutrition, and the healing arts. It was a really exciting time being surrounded by a hub of people with similar passions. It felt like I found my tribe.

I started to get the confidence to start my own business from teaching classes at The Light Cellar's teaching kitchen. 


When I first started I was afraid, but my desire to teach classes felt like a magnetic draw.


I started teaching classes on super foods, women's health and culinary arts. I stumbled through my classes at first but I started getting really positive feedback from participants and my confidence grew.

It was such a blessing to have a stage, to share my gifts and my creativity with a receptive audience. It felt so natural... like I was in my 'genius zone'.  It was one of those progressions that happened naturally without feeling like I had to force anything.



The next step for me was to start seeing private clients which eventually lead to founding


I help women balance their hormones naturally through a combination of food as medicine-based nutrition, herbalism, traditional foods, using the spa as a healing system, stress management rituals and transformational coaching. 

I focus on lifestyle approach with my clients. We work together to create an internal and external environment where healing happens naturally.

I started off seeing clients for one-on-one for single sessions but in the last year I’ve transitioned to a coaching based business model where I offer coaching programs. This has been much more sustainable approach for my business and is in more alignment with my lifestyle and the quality of care I give to my clients.

I’ve definitely had many road blocks and challenges along the way... as well as the occasional breakdown.


I’ve even considered quitting a few times, which usually happens right before I have a huge breakthrough.


I’ve also faced a lot of challenges with procrastination. It can be so easy to get distracted in the online world of inspiring information and get information overload. I’ve had to learn to listen to my own intuition about my business instead of following strategies of online marketing gurus.

I’ve found it valuable to set up a time management system with goals for the tasks that need to be done so when I’m on, I’m on...and when I’m off I’m off since it can be so easy for a business to take over all of your free time.


Starting your own business is one of the greatest self (and spiritual) developmental journeys you can go on. The curtain is ripped out in front of you and you are directly faced with your relationship with money, your self worth and your connection to your deep sense of purpose in life. 

It's the only way if you to go if you want to continue moving forward. There is no hiding from yourself on the entrepreneurial path!

I love how you get the privilege of developing something that is truly your own and you get to serve the world in your own unique way.

It's a challenge but it's oh so worth it!

If you feel inspired to start your own healing business, I recommend It. 

How ever big or small your want to start,  just jump in!  Let your inspiration lead you!


"Twenty Years From Now You Will Be More Disappointed By The Things You Didn’t Do, Than By The Ones You Did Do"

- Marc Twain 


About the Author:

Madeline MacKinnon is the founder of Natural Hormone Healing.


She's a highly-sought after, leading expert in the emerging field of herbal culinary arts, elixir making and tonic herbalism.

She dedicates her time, energy and education to help women from around the world to balance their hormones naturally without drugs. Her unique and effective system synthesizes the most cutting-edge discoveries in the field of nutritional technologies, super foods, traditional food nutrition and herbalism and combines them with the latest hormone testing, spa healing, and transformational coaching.



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