Allison Braun, The Business Joylogist // How She Started Her Healing Business

This post is the fourth in the 'How She Started Her Healing Business' series, where 7 inspiring young entrepreneurs share the story of how they created their holistic careers - giving you inspiration, advice, and a window into how you can do it too!

Today’s post comes to us from Allison Braun - The Business Joyologist. Allison helps women find clarity in their business, so they can bring all their gifts together in a sustainable, joyful way!


Why I love Allison:

Allison is refreshing. She marches to the beat of her own drum, and she seems at home  in so many settings - somewhat corporate environments, all night dance parties, talking about sex + pleasure (in her first business, she was known as The Bedroom Joyologist!), meditative settings, and more. There is a nurturing quality to her, a spunky mama bear like energy, and you get the feeling she truly does care for all her clients, and all those she engages with on a day-to-day basis. 


Why I love this article:

Firstly, it’s an interview post, rather than a story, which I love. With this format, we really can get right to it. Allison shares openly and honestly many of the practical steps that it took to get her business running. Out of all the posts in the series, it’s probably the one you can study the most, to get a tangible example of how you can get started as well. 



I know that, although you're a business coach now, you started out as a sexuality coach! How did you know you wanted to get into that line of work?


It didn't hit me until others started reflecting/telling me.  I had been trying hard to figure out my "niche," what I'd be best at and it wasn't until I stopped trying to figure it out and just started being myself that a mastermind group of women that I was in & my coach started calling me the "fully self-expressed bedroom joyologist."  As soon as that sunk it, it felt like I huge "ah ha! How did I not see this!?" moment.  Relief and excitement sunk it and off I went.  I had previously been making $9/hr at a education focused sex shop for women and couples so the idea of doing my own thing in this area & actually making money felt like a dream come true.  



Were you scared by the opinions of others, as what you were choosing to do was so different, and potentially taboo?


Honestly, not that much.  By the time it all sunk it I felt so much relief, excitement and certainty that it was what I was meant to do that I stopped worrying about what others might think.  Anyone that I thought might not be enthusiastic about it, I just didn't really talk about it with.  


How did you transition from a job to full time entrepreneurship? Did you save up, and do it slowly, or did you just make a quick jump?


I transitioned over a period of a little less than a year I think.  I started off working full time and building my business during any free moment I had (including at work sometimes), about 6 months in when I started getting a few clients I transitioned to part time at my job until I was consistently making the same amount in my business as I was at my job.  Once I had secured income for the next 6 months I gave my notice at my job and offered to stay on as "on call" because I actually liked being around the people there and had lots of free time (considering I made the same amount in my business working about 20 hours a month instead of 40 hours a week).  


Tell me what getting your first client was like. How did she find you? What were the feelings that came up for you then?


It was super exciting and felt like my business was finally "real" - all of this online marketing stuff I had learned about was really paying off! She found me through my blog while doing a search I believe, and followed through with applying to work with me.  One of the coolest things for me in that first year was seeing people apply from around the world that I did not know.  


What were the main fears that came up for you, during that transitionary period for you? How did you work through them?


The main fears I had were that I wouldn't do a good enough job (for my clients) and that at some point I might not have a steady stream of clients.  I consistently set myself up for success as best I could to limit those fears, which meant making sure I took on clients that I really enjoyed working with and genuinely felt like I could support.  I did my best to trust that it was my job to show up and support in the ways I knew how and my clients job to take responsibility for asking for what they needed and doing their part.  In regards to fearing that I might not have clients at some point - I just reminded myself that a) I am a resourceful person and worst case scenario I could always find ways to make money and b) I had been able to do it (get clients) thus far, and I should only get better at it over time!  


What's the biggest piece of advice you'd give a woman who wants to become an entrepreneur, but is still in a 9-5 (or similar) position? 


Imperfect action is the greatest thing you can do.  Keep moving, even if you're unclear or don't feel totally confident - it's the action that will bring clarity and confidence.  And, make sure the action you're taking is a joyful as possible.  Following that joy will ensure that you build a business that's expansive and supportive instead of something that feels like another job. 


What's the best part of being a holistic entrepreneur? 


For me it's feeling like I get to bring all of me to the table.  Natural health, energy work, coaching, marketing, inner work, practical action steps, sharing stories, sexual energy, pleasure and more - none of me and my gifts need to be left out just because it's "business" or because I'm a "business" coach.  Bringing it all together baby!



About the Author:


Allison Braun, The Business Joyologist, is here to help freedom and purpose driven women gain clarity on how to bring all their gifts together in a business that allows them to help those they are meant to in a sustainable, joyful way. 

She’s been making waves in the entrepreneurial community as a business strategist (and former sexual expression coach) while serving hundreds of women from over 10 countries – one appreciative client described her as “the go-to business mentor for any woman wanting to bring her whole self to the table to share with the world.”

When she’s not helping purpose-driven women discover & express ALL their gifts in a thriving business they l-o-v-e you can find her swimming in the nearest (hopefully warm) ocean, having deep conversations with strangers at a coffee shop (with whipped cream on her mocha) or cuddling up with her man. 

Start making your own dream business a reality all over at



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