Krista of Chalice Grove // How She Started Her Healing Business

This post is the third in the 'How She Started Her Healing Business' series, where 7 inspiring young entrepreneurs share the story of how they created their holistic careers - giving you inspiration, advice, and a window into how you can do it too!

Krista is the founder of Chalice Grove, a mala creation & coaching company. She is a writer, teacher, and creatress, who ripples with a cellular desire to bring deep healing into the world.


Why I love Krista:

Well apart from the fact that she is one of my best friends (so of course I think she's great!) - she is a fiery inspiration for anyone who meets her to go deeper. Conversations with Krista are never mundane. She's a deep diver, and while hanging out with her, you might find yourself soul gazing (staring into eachother's eyes for minutes at a time with no speaking and no looking away) , talking about the nature of forgiveness, or learning about her recent intricate revelations about life and love. She walks her talk and is constantly pushing herself to be more authentic and an even bigger container for Universal healing. 


Why I love this article:

Reading this article, you'll learn that Krista's understanding of success was shifted when she met some local entrepreneurs. This, too, was how this path of creating my own healing business came to me. You'll read that being sparked by other people, and learning of new belief systems + ideas, were the catalysts for her growth - and now she is doing that very same sparking for others. Very cool. Also I learned a new word while reading this. It is 'edify'. Fantastic! Read on lovers! :D 



I am Krista, a Womanpreneur born and raised in British Columbia, Canada.  

I spent the first six years of my twenties doing what everyone told me to do, getting a good education that would eventually lead to a successful career.  Well I got the good education, in fact I got two majors because I loved academia so much. Because I excelled in post-secondary, I really did think that school was the answer and a job was the goal.  There was no doubt in my mind that I would become successful. 


The year I graduated I met a couple of local entrepreneurs in the Calgary area who capsized everything I knew about success. 


With their mentorship, my goals began to shift as I began to see the bigger picture. Entrepreneurship is a privilege and because Canada and the USA were built on a free enterprise system people can get into business for themselves.  Many other countries do not have this right, and the more I learned about it, the more I felt responsible to step into this role as a way to honour this right and our freedom of choice.

I have always deeply loved people, but along the way I forgot to deeply love myself and so there were times when my actions hurt people, out of a deep inner pain that I was unwilling to acknowledge.  The more I began to dive into the unsettled waters of my actions and the storm of my emotional landscape, the more I began to learn about my role as a co-creator of my experiences.  And so I got to work.  I began reading Louise Hay, Rumi, Anne Harrington, James Redfield, and Elizabeth Gilbert. 

This provided the framework in which I would rebuild my life - a life where I was speaking kindly to myself and others, fostering self-care and love, and nurturing myself out of the darkness and into the light. 



We all want to become the best versions of ourselves, and all that is required of us is a willingness to change and a continuity of authentic presence. 


Through this practice I began to see my entire life transform, it didn't happen instantaneously but it did happen. 


People started showing up in my life with the same beliefs, values, energy and spiritual practice.  As if by magic, our numbers increased and we grew into a soul family.  

Many people in this soul tribe were already in business for themselves, and this risk taking, freedom fighting, trail blazing energy was what I needed to be inspired further. 


I was already creating but at this point it wasn't for resale, it was for my own personal blossoming. 


It was my friend Beth who took the time to edify my creative spirit and support my role as an entrepreneur out there in the world.  At first, like most people, I recall being hesitant - that I had my head in the clouds and that it couldn't work - however, a deep knowing said, say YES! 

During this time I went through heartbreak that has forever changed me, but instead of letting that derail my desires, I began to embrace the sorrow in a way that allowed for my deepest spiritual healing to occur.  With a website and a completed application to get my work out there, Chalice Grove was birthed and a platform for true transformation created.  Both the break-up and the business forced me into vulnerability and from this divine feminine energy a myriad of magical insights took flight - and I listened.  I began to design and create malas {sacred prayer jewelry} with the support of the Universe at my side, whispering into my dreams and guiding me to people, places, and things.  Currently, I am stepping into the role of a spiritual empowerment coach, helping people identify their deepest wounds, learn to love themselves holistically, and take responsibility as a co-creator of their experiences.


My message is simple: forgiveness, love and inner peace. 


We need to forgive if we are to embody love.  If we embody love, we will have inner peace.  We only live in this reality for such a short period of time and it is with this gift that I commit to being the best version of myself.  I know my journey, as confusing and hard as it is at times, has been given to me so that I may use my experiences to transform my consciousness, continuously evolve and hopefully inspire others along the way.  Don't be afraid to start, "everything you want is on the other side of fear." 



About the Author:


Krista Reierson is an artist of the soul; her life's work is to guide people to their inner guru and unlock their potential. 


Everything she creates is aligned with the frequency of forgiveness, love, and inner peace.  She is a super-food loving, organic supporting, person growth diving + creativity blossoming alchemist who believes life is about ceremony and service.  She loves deep and meaningful conversations that unravel the ego and expose our greatest strength - our vulnerability.  Her respect for the healing magic of crystals guided her dreams to a place that glittered with gems and far away lands.  She became a mala designer because she knows they act as a key to the door of ones divinity. You can find Krista in the forest, wild-crafting through Alberta's forestial landscapes, connecting to her truth, her creativity, her roots, and the divinity found in us all.



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