Why I Chose to Create Skincare

Why am I offering organic skincare to you now, beautiful ones?

Let me tell you...

My passion for the environment + feminine well being has taken me to a passion for the products we use in our daily lives. 

Many women don't realize the disastrous effects of many common industries, in this case, the beauty industry. An overwhelming amount of chemicals are used in your average beauty product - yes, even the ones that say 'natural'. More than this, most companies actually test on animals in really grotesque ways - so not only are these products harmful for the body, they're also harming animals, and the world at large as well.

If you're an earth loving lightworker, like me, you know that just won't do!

I've seen firsthand what these 'beauty chemicals' can do to our bodies, and our earth. As a girl growing up with acne, I've tried every product on the market, even resorting to Accutane, and Birth Control at one point.

But in recent years, I've discovered the truth to true beauty. Yes, it's skin deep. It starts in the spirit, in the thoughts, in the diet, and finally, in the skin care + beauty routine. I do a lot of talking about the spirit, the thoughts, and even the diet, so now, dear ones, it's time to talk skin care!

There's a better alternative to the products you've been using! Watch the video below to learn more about my journey with acne, what I learned, and what I've created because of it. 

Ok. Now that you've heard my story, I have a challenge for you. Go, RIGHT NOW, and grab your lotion, and any other products you use on your face. Read through every single ingredient. Now, breathe. Ok. If you're using what most women are, you probably just read through an intimidating and strange sounding list of chemicals, some of which ended in numbers. 

Now, take a look at the ingredients in what I've created for you:


Ingredients: Coconut Oil*, Sesame Oil*, Rose Petals*, Nettle**, Calendula*, Beeswax, Vitamin E, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Amethyst Charged Rainwater, Usnea Tincture**, Lavender Essential Oil.

*Organic **Wildcrafted  { Moon Charged}



Ingredients: Aloe Vera Juice*, Lavender*, Yarrow**, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Lavender Essential Oil

*Organic **Wildcrafted  { Moon Charged}


Ahhhh. Sigh of relief. Your face will love you. Your body will thank you. The earth and the fairies will rejoice and dance, now that your daily beauty routine takes care of them!

If you'd like me to send you some of this luxury, I will pop it in the mail for you! Just head over to the Shop and let me know which size you'd like! <3 


So much love! 

xo Beth