How to Choose the Perfect Crystal

I know a lot of people, especially women, are attracted to crystals. In fact, for many of us, crystals are one of the first things we connect to on our spiritual journey. They're just so preeetttttyyyyy. 

A lot of the time, this fascination with crystals, though undeniable, seems a bit complicated, maybe even confusing. Firstly - why are we so drawn to them? Secondly - there are so many of them, how do we know which one is right for us? And finally - what do we even DO with them?

All very good questions. 

As a crystal loving lady, I've had the pleasure with working with many, many stones, in part due to my crystal necklace business that I created in 2012. 

A custom piece: Andalusian Quartz 

A custom piece: Andalusian Quartz 

A custom piece I created for one of my biggest inspirations:  Nisha Moodley  {Red Phantom Quartz + Prasiolite)

A custom piece I created for one of my biggest inspirations: Nisha Moodley {Red Phantom Quartz + Prasiolite)

Throughout this time, my job was to go to crystal stores, and select the perfect crystal for my clients in question. Some of these clients were completely new to crystals, and were partly unsure why they were even ordering from me. Others had been collecting gems for a while, and wanted to step further into their world.

Regardless - a common thread was that many women were simply not confident in their ability to choose the right stone for themselves.

So the focus of this post, though I will answer all three questions I posed at the beginning, is to give you a quick lesson on how to choose the perfect stone for yourself. 



Why crystals?


Crystals are magical. And they are actually conscious beings. Meaning - just like a plant has an intelligence, though we can't necessarily hear it or see it, crystals do too. They feel you when you pick them up. Some of them, I must point out though, have been so traumatized during the collection process (ie. mining without asking permission, handled as though they are mere product, not the culmination of millions of years of evolution in the earth mother) that we might not feel their vibration as easily in the store, as we do when they've been charged, blessed, and honoured for what they truly are. (This is because the crystals feel so unsafe that they have regressed their consciousness to be focused out of their bodies - you know, like how we'll grab a glass of wine or a joint when we feel too emotional and not know how to handle it)

Every crystal is different. Every crystal has it's unique properties. Every crystal has received unique energy from it's unique placement on the planet. I believe that different crystals also connect to different parts of the cosmos - to different star systems, angels, and the like. 

In all - crystals are a mystery. There are a part of the beautiful, great unknown, and to share space with them on the planet at this time is a true gift - they are teachers and healers. I could go on and on, but I'll save more for later blog posts.

How to Choose the Right One?

Ok. This is the fun part. Crystal choosing is not rocket science. It is not logical. It is intuitive, and in many cases I would say, you simply can't get it wrong. 

All you have to do to choose the perfect crystal is set an intention, and surrender.

Green Fluorite - Great for the nervous systems + attracting fairies

Green Fluorite - Great for the nervous systems + attracting fairies

Before you go to the crystal store, simply say "I intend to be guided to the perfect crystal for me at this time. I ask that Archangel Jophiel please clear away any negative energies from me now, so I can clearly see + feel which one will be right for me."

If you forget this prayer when you go, not to worry. The two main points are to set the intention that you'll be drawn to the perfect one for you, and to clear your field so it's open and receiving.

Now walk around. The first one that you are drawn to and touch, is likely a great one for you. 

A big point here - Your job is not to select the one that has what you need on paper. (ie. This stone is great for heart opening and calming stress) It's always nice to read descriptions, but I find reading them after you've selected the stone is best. That way, your mind doesn't get in the way.

You see, these descriptions are simply many people's experiences with the stone, or the traditional history of it. Although these descriptions often have lots of value and truth, they are secondary to your own innate intelligence of what's good for you. Use your intuition & have fun reading the descriptions afterwards.

If you're confused, and you find 5 or 10 more stones while you're at the store, I would advise buying the one that you first touched. 

Clearing the stone when you get home is important, and can be simply done by leaving it in direct sunlight or moonlight for a few hours. (I'll write a more in depth blog post on this later.) 



Ok - Now what do I do with it?


Hehe - good question. In many cases, a well charged crystal will simply shift the vibration of any space it finds itself in. So the first way to use it, is to simply place it in a room you find yourself in often. (ie. In your bedroom, your car, or kitchen)

Another way to work with them, is to hold them. Simply hold them. Hold them while you're reading, or meditating, or having a phone chat with a friend. This is how you get to know it, while also receive it's healing benefits. Experiment and observe. 

In addition, you can try one of my favourite applications, which is to place stones on your chakras, or on points of your body that are hurting. I have used crystals successfully to treat stomach-aches and menstrual cramps. This process is intuitive. If I'm hurting, I will simply grab the first stone that comes to mind, and place it on the part of my body that is in pain. Sometimes this works magic, and sometimes it only helps a bit. Again, experiment and observe. 

I've laid out very simple ways to use crystals - there are books and courses that deal with crystal healing - but for now, it's best to start intuitively and simply. Just have them around, hold them, and use them when you're in pain. Make up your own ways to use them.

Charge your drinking water, or bring them into the bath. Plant them in your garden, or leave them under your pillow at night.

Have fun, you can't mess up, just go with the flow, your intuition, and know that once you start working with crystals, you will have them in your life for years to come. 

Amethyst - Protective & for the Higher Chakras

Amethyst - Protective & for the Higher Chakras

Herkimer Diamond - Healing & Opening

Herkimer Diamond - Healing & Opening


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