Let The Desire Run Wild


Sub-par relationships.
Sub-par lovers.
Sub-par sex.
Sub-par living situations. 
Sub-par self-care. 



Why do we go for less than what we really want? Why do we say "yes" to being in that relationship that doesn't send us to the moon and back? Why do we keep calling that person that makes us feel judged? Why do we stay in relationships that are stale? Why do we go for less than what we deserve?

... I feel like... we are scared of the burning outrageously powerful opening of desire. Our desire, when we really let it out, is a wild feral animal. It only has one focus. It can throw our whole lives into a tizzy, if we don't ground it in something rooted. 

Yet at the end of the day, it's not even the power of desire that keeps us held back. 

It's the notion that our desire is unattainable. 

What if that fucking unreal guy/girl DOESN'T want us? What if that friend we adore gets annoyed with our affections? What if we fuck up on our intentions, and end up in the same patterns? What if we get rejected? My goodness.. WHAT IF WE FAIL?


What if we fail?


Ah... but what if we win?


And what if, failing and winning, are simply two sides of the same coin?


Honour the fire. Honour the burning. 
Desire is healthy.  

Let it ravage you. 
Let it run wild.

And go get what you deserve.