Intense Like the Monsoon Rains



It runs in her veins.
She's tries to cradle it. 
To hide it + keep it. 
But like a raging river swelling up higher, 
In the monsoon's all encompassing rains,
Her fierce determination to feel,
Is all there is,
Is all there will ever be. 

It will take her over,
Eat her up,
Spit her out,
Ravage her soul, 
Uproot her life.

And there on the ground lying, 
Thirsty for understanding, 
Broken with despair, 
She rises, 
And without a pause, 
She'll keep walking, 
She doesn't care. 

Because She knows there is a place, 
Beyond time and space,
That She is serving.

The echoes of her family, 
Etheric, but real as can be, 
Ripple in and open her,
To her mission, 

Of raw authenticity.