Feeling like a Priestess in this Modern World...


This fast paced world, that honours hustle, and does not honour a slow pace, can be an interesting place. What do we do if we desire to feel spiritually connected, immersed in beauty, and deeply connected to our Goddess energy? That is... what can we do if we desire to feel like a Priestess?

Today, I wanted to share some practices with you, that you can do to help yourself come back to feeling like the Priestess you are. 


It's likely that after hearing of so many Goddesses and archetypal energies, like Kali, Lakshmi, Aphrodite, Magdalene, Isis, Quan Yin, etc - you'll have found one that resonates with you, even though you might not be sure why. I suggest creating a connection with this Goddess through prayer, research, and meditation. Pray to this Goddess and ask her for guidance, and support. Ask her for her lessons and messages. Take time out in your day to get really grounded so you can speak with her, or meditate with her. In addition, do some research on her, even if that's simply looking at images that portray her. Through a focused decision to connect with one or more Goddesses, you'll come to know the Goddess within more directly. 

Please keep in mind that as we connect with Goddesses, we are not worshipping them. They live inside of us. We are all one. 


Love your body up, and in turn, honour your spirit. Choose fabrics that delight you, to wear in the morning. Adorn yourself with jewelry that feels delicious to you. Anoint yourself with essential oils, or natural perfumes. Rub your beautiful body down with an oil or natural lotion that feels heavenly. Wear red lipstick if you feel called. Whatever feels juicy for you. Our bodies are temples. When we honour them, we can feel closer to that which created them. When we feel beautiful, we resonate with the energy of beauty. Beauty is divine. 



Go to a women's circle, or join ceremonies online if you feel called {you can find more information about joining myself and other sisters in ceremony below} --- This is ancient. Connecting with other women in ritual, honouring the divine, and eachother, together. Gathering around the lunar cycles, or in connection to a certain theme or archetypal energy. This is probably the biggest tip I have, as sitting in ceremony with sisters has brought me back to days that we truly honoured one another + served the Goddess together. It's a powerful experience of remembrance. 

If you're wondering how you can sit in ceremony with sisters, I have a wonderful offering for you. You can join a free 5 day journey with myself and a host of other sisters, called Walking as Priestess - in which we'll sit in ceremony 3 times, with Mary Magdalene, Isis, and Kali. You can sign up for that below, and you'll receive the first ceremony immediately after signing up!