Merging the Divine Feminine with the Sacred Masculine...


"Did you know our birthday is in the exact middle of the year? There are the same number of days on both sides of our birthday.", he told me, as I'd recently just found a 'birthday buddy', someone born on the same day as me - July 2nd.

"Oh really? Wow!" - And a intuitive hit instantly pulsed through me "That's because I'm meant to merge the Feminine and the Masculine as a soul purpose in this lifetime.

I noticed the intuitive imprint, knowing I was still unfamiliar with exactly what that voice meant. 

Over the next few years, I would begin to unravel what I was told... 

To merge the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine, to unite the Magdalene with Christ, Isis with Osiris, is a sacred path for many of us, maybe even all of us, who are reading this.

This is what is needed for balance and peace on earth to emerge.

In order to activate this balance and peace on Earth, we need to balance and integrate the Feminine and Masculine within ourselves. 

This is a powerful and challenging path. In particular, for me, the invitation to forgive the shadow masculine for his abuses, and honour the masculine as sacred, has been a particularly powerful ask for me. 

Every day though, I am moving into more and more forgiveness, and more and more integration. 


When we integrate these aspects within ourselves, many things can happen. We no longer end up in co-dependent or toxic partnerships, asking for the other to feed an inner need. We start to find success and momentum in the world, on our chosen paths, because our energy of receptivity, is paired with the energy of follow through an action. And we end up finding a deep sense of sexuality within ourselves, as we start to embody this sacred union within. <3

If you are called to start merging your feminine and masculine energies, but don't know how to do so, I would recommend offering a prayer, and intention to the Universe. Something like "Spirit, my intention is to embody the union of the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine. Show me how to do this. I am ready to open to forgiveness, healing, and cleansing, so I can honour this sacred union within. Show me the way."

You can also practice calling on Magdalene and Christ, to be with you through the day, guiding you. 

If you want to go deeper, you also have an opportunity to join myself and a host of other women on a ceremonial journey, over 5 days - and it's free!

In this journey, we explore our sacred union within with Mary Magdalene, activate codes of remembrance with Isis, and slice away illusions with Kali. You sign up below!