We Are Lightworkers & That's All You Have To Remember - a Guest Post for Allison Braun's Community Blog Post Tour

This story is part of a movement - the Busting The Overnight Success Myth: Community Blog Tour, where 21 ladies who have made their dream business a reality (in a variety of different niches) share what it really took for us to make this happen.  Including the not so pretty stuff.  

When Allison Braun (The Business Joyologist) shared her vision for this blog tour with me, I knew I wanted to be a part of it because I love any chance to help women become the lightworkers they're meant to be. Which involves embracing all aspects of our beings, not just the 'clean, sanitary' stuff.

So here is my story. It's raw, real and includes things I've never shared before!


. . .


"What to write about?"

I asked myself repeatedly, as the days lead up to July 19th, the date my article for the Community Blog Tour would be published. 

I milled around. A lot of different ideas ran through my mind, but none of them seemed to stick. So I took to the meditation pillow, the place I get the most answers, and a simple echo reverberated in my being - "Tell your story, stories are powerful." "Yes", I thought, "That sounds about right."

So to you, dear reader, whether you've been with me for years, or you're totally new to me, here is a story. It's the story of how I transitioned from an Alberta-based University student studying Finance, to a full-time holistic entrepreneur living in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest. 

. . .


I couldn't do it.

I just couldn't see myself living in a big city, heading to a corporate job every day.

I grew up aware that I wanted to love my career, and I knew I needed to help people as a part of my daily profession. By the time I got to University however, my mindset had shifted out of childhood wonder and into how I could make the most amount of money using the skills I had. I'd always been somewhat of an academic, and math was totally my jam, so I chose to enter the world of Finance at the ripe old age of 17. 

But by the time I got to the end of my schooling, I was totally fed up. The long days and nights I spent under fluorescent lights in stuffy library rooms had gotten to me. By graduation time, I watched those around me prepare to enter the corporate world. Big banking jobs, and oil + gas positions were the prized positions, and my peers were a flurry trying to secure themselves the best possible gig after graduation. 

And then there was me. By that point, I had decided that the corporate life was definitely not for me.

In fact petitioning nearly every aspect of the corporate life was more my thing. I had used my time in University not just to study finance, but to also travel and ask questions. My questions lead me to begin a meditation practice, to adopt a vegetarian diet,  and to start a blog called Samsara. The blog became my baby, and in between cramming for exams and writing papers, I actively shared my opinions on all things environmental.

At the time, I was also dating an entrepreneur.

Him and his group of longtime friends had left University to start a clothing + events company called Light & Soul, and their tribe was known for sparking inspiration and good vibes wherever they went. ( They're now running an urban farm + are at the heart of a local food revolution in Calgary. )

This was key for me. The spark of inspiration that others can provide. A model. These brothers ( and one sister! ) modelled a way 'out' of the conventional structure, and a way 'in' to freedom, true connection, and a new paradigm of capital creation. 

So upon graduation, I asked my grandfather for a $5000 loan, and started a little start-up business that I called ' Waves of Fire '.

Waves of Fire began as a crystal jewellery business. I created custom + intuitive crystal necklaces for my clients ( mostly all women ) and did a little bit of meditation coaching + blogging on the side.

I remember how I felt when I was starting out.

I had inspiration for days, and grand ideas of becoming an overnight success. I thought that all I had to do was create a great product and have a nice looking website, and masses of people would come calling. I pictured myself being mentored by Gabrielle Bernstein personally, featured in many major magazines, and really just living a life of wild abundance.

I commend myself for my wild optimism, but I must say, things didn't go that way at all. ( It all take time you see! Something I had yet to learn. )

Yes, I made enough money to get by. The crystal necklaces actually turned out to be quite successful. But nobody came knocking to deliver me to fame + fortune. And I'm so glad they didn't.

I needed to learn something. I needed to learn that you don't go into business so your ego can be stroked and you can wear the badge of being an entrepreneur.

I needed to learn that if I really wanted to be in my truth, I needed to get in touch with something much deeper. 

... My reason for being. 

Though the story goes further and many paths were chosen and unchosen, I can say this:

After 2.5 years of being a full time entrepreneur - I've learned: The money won't be enough to motivate you. The freedom won't even be enough to motivate you. The only thing that will keep you motivated after years of late nights, failed product launches, successful workshops, and what else have you, is this - THE WHY.


What is the why?

The why is the reason you do what you do of course! My 'why' is this - I am lightworker that came to this planet specifically to spread love; AND to spread a trust that we're being taken care of by something much bigger. I came here to alleviate suffering and show others their own beauty. I came to be a passionate stewardess for the earth. I came to speak up for those who can't speak up for themselves, including animals. I came to inspire, light fires, go deep, and free those caught in the matrix. 

And in all likelihood, you did too. 

When I'm in touch with this why, things flow. My business flows. It doesn't matter if 4 people come to my workshop, or 50. ( I've experienced both. ) It doesn't matter if 40 people read my blog post or 400. It just matters that I'm giving the best of what I have to offer. It matters that I'm embracing my mission as a lightworker, and therefore I'm committed to channeling a frequency of trust + truth. 

I'm a part of the tribe creating a new earth, and I take that role, very, very seriously.

When I'm tuned into this part of myself, long nights in front of a computer seem effortless. Product ideas that fit my new lifestyle come to me with ease. But when I'm not tuned in, everything can just seem so hard. 

You know - I could talk so much more about my time as an entrepreneur. I could tell you how comfortable I've become with $5 in my bank account, because it's happened more times than I can count. I could tell you that persistence is the key to success. I could even talk about my 2nd loan, my experience in B-School, or the various business models I've gone through.

But it would all be meaningless if I didn't touch on this:

You are here for a very important reason. And your business is simply an extension of that reason. I'll tell you what I mean:

I recently had an aha moment.

After weeks of dithering over my website, and if I should change it and what it should say., I realized --- my medicine to the world is not my website. It is me. And when I'm in harmony with my greater mission - the feeling in my heart, being in a space of purposeful connection - my website, no matter what it looks like or says, will be imbued with this authentic energy.

So I remembered, I am a lightworker. And so are you. You are here to spread love. And when you get aligned with that truth, your business will flow. And even when things get hard, or you fall down (as we all do), you'll still feel purposeful.

And that's all we really want isn't it? That's why so many of us go into holistic business in the first place - to feel purposeful. To feel like what we do matters. 

So my loved ones, before going anywhere. Before doing anything. Before the business plan. Before the website. Before any of it. Get in touch with your why. Get in touch with why you truly came here, and things will flow. And yes, you'll forget and they'll unflow. You'll still deliberate over your copy, and question whether your product is good enough. But at the end of the day, it won't matter. Because you'll know you're fulfilling your reason for being. And that is what counts. 

You are a lightworker.

Go out and shine! And create a kick-ass business while you're at it.

Much love to you all, 

xo Beth


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