5 steps to creating your facebook group:

  • 1) Sit with it - Am I guided to create a FB group now, from a soul level?

  • 2) Meditate on the energies + intent behind your FB group - Who is it for? Why? What is the vibe? Will any ascended masters or angels help you hold the space? What would you like to talk about in the group? What are guidelines - how would you like other people to use the space?

  • 3) Download the name - Keep in mind, you can always change it later if you are guided

  • 4) Do ceremony to consecrate your FB group - Sit down and create ritual to invoke the energies you’d like to focalize in your group. Get clear on the why. Get clear about how you want people to feel or what you want people to receive who join your group. After you’ve done this - create the group!

  • 5) Invite people to your FB group - Share about your FB group in other, like-minded groups, in your videos, and anywhere else you feel called. Check in with your intention when you’re inviting people, and as often as possible, align with the energy of “How can I give?” rather than “How can I get?” *Note: Please never simply add someone to your group without their consent.