5 Ways to Honour your Divine Feminine

Art:  wyldraven

Art: wyldraven

1. On a clear night, when the moon is bright and large in the sky;

Go to the beach, the park, or some other still, beautiful place. Dance playfully around and look at the moon directly with your heart. Tell her all you hope to achieve and feel over the next moon cycle. Let her help you with it. Dance your way back home.

2. Have a bath in the pitch black. Make it real hot. Sweat. Purge. Release. Then stay there until it gets cold. Meld into the beauty and darkness of your deep, luxurious soul. Think about anything any everything that makes you feel amazing. Meditate. Sing. Cry. Swoosh. Be. Let yourself be honest and real. Go insane. Give the water everything when you're done. Release.

Art:  wyldraven

3. Pet a kitty. Be gentle with her. Respect her space. Let her guide you as your hand brushes over her soft, gentle fur, and wait for the cues that tell you she's ready. Go further. Deeper. Let her roll over and pet her open tummy. Lightly, playfully, gently. Give her a kiss on the head, and walk away. 

4. Pick or buy flowers and put them on your altar. Choose the colour of the flower that relates to the chakra or energy you'd like to embody more of. For instance, orange is the colour of the sacral chakra, also known as our Goddess centre. Red is of the root, a primal, sexy centre, associated with home and wealth. You get the idea. Now bathe in their beauty, and know you just did something really great for yourself.

5. Go be with a tree. Just be with her. Sit under her languid, mysterious branches for quite some time. Get lost in your connection. It's OK if you only have 5 minutes. Sometimes, that can feel like forever.


May the Divine Feminine breathe within you, and upon you,

xo Beth

Art:  wyldraven

Art: wyldraven