How I Started Working With Angels

Last night, a friend of mine asked me how I got started in meditation and working with angels.

It’s a fun question, but not one I can answer in only a sentence or so. There was also never a specific moment that it just happened - you know, like an AHA moment that you I can trace everything back to. Regardless, it’s an important question, especially important to answer on my blog, and for the countless other ladies interested in starting their own journey with their angels and spirit guides. 

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You could say my journey with the spirit world started as a child. My mother regularly saw spirits, apparitions, energy, whatever you want to call it, and although she was very shy, and even a bit fearful of this gift, she openly shared her experiences with us, her children. So from a young age, I was keenly aware that there was something more to life, something ‘beyond the veil’, per say.

Regardless, I still had trouble believing.

Although I trusted my mother fully, it’s hard to believe in something you don’t have direct experience with. 

As I grew up, my mother had several awakenings, and though the rest of our family was still on the conservative, left brain side of things, she delved into reiki, yoga, and different alternative modalities of healing. Eventually, she started to get more open about it, and would often tell me to ask my guardian angels to help me with my school exams, and in any social situations I felt pressure in. She also regularly mentioned Archangel Michael, and the violet/blue light he carried, as a tool for healing and protection.

Even though I was on the fence for whether any of this ‘stuff’ was real, I found myself calling upon my angels, and invoking the violet flame anyway. It couldn’t hurt, I thought, and besides, I liked doing it. 

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My views about the eccentric work my mother was doing shifted however, upon a trip to France in the 8th grade. During our travels, I came down with strep throat, which happened often for me, and usually resulted in copious amounts of antibiotics, some puking, and a lot of down time in order to recover. Being only a 2 week trip, I really wasn’t looking forward to spending the vacation seriously ill, so I let my mother do reiki on me. I remember when it happened, we were in a car, the backseat, and she worked her magic. The next day I was better. No antibiotics. No doctor. No puking. This had never happened. And from there, I was a little more willing to believe in the mysteries she was bringing into my life. 

I took my first Reiki course when I was 16, and though I was more open than I had been in previous years, I still found it hard to digest.

I distinctly remember the other women in the class (who were about 3 times my age) discussing the ‘white light’ they were seeing in their meditations, and the feeling of peace that was with them after a group meditation. I thought they were out to lunch, but I went along with it, and when it came to my turn to share my experience of the class, I repeated what the others had said. “Yeah, white light! Peaceful. Definitely. That was me.” It would still be a while before I truly embraced the world of energy and subtle vibrations.

Fast forward a few years. I’m 19, and I’ve just returned from a life changing trip to South Africa. Whether it was the energy of the land, the culture, the climate, or the people I spent my time with, it was what I needed. That summer, I woke up. 

Diving head first into environmentalism, adopting a vegetarian diet, and starting a meditation practice were all markers of the initial stages of my journey.

It would be a year yet, until I would discover angels, and bring their wisdom and healing into my life. When I finally did discover the angelic realm, it was pure magic. By that time I had made my way through the Wayne Dyer + Eckhart Tolle, type of philosophies. Presence, breathing, forgiveness, trust in Source. All of these concepts were key, they were meaningful, and they had created great shifts in my life. 

But me, being me, was looking for something more fun. I didn’t even really know it at the time, but looking back, I know I longed for a path I could dig into, that really resonated with me. Something a bit more distinct. More feminine even. 

And that’s when I came across the book “Ask Your Guides” by Sonia Choquette. It was exactly what I needed. Step by step, page by page, it described how to work with your spirit guides and angels. Who they were. Why they were. And how to connect with them. 

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I remember sitting in University - in my Financial Markets and Institutions class - tucked away in the back, pouring over the literature. ‘This is what I should be studying’, I thought. And so I did. I spent my days in my Finance courses, and my nights tucked away at home, reading esoteric literature with my kitty snuggled close by. I started calling upon Archangel Michael on the regular, and practicing different exercises from the books I was reading. I was so in love with my newfound connection to angels and the spirit world, that I just kept going. 

I kept going and going and going and going, until I find myself here today, typing these words as a full time entrepreneur whose primary service is to channel spirit guides and angels for the young women I coach. 

Although there is, of course, much more to the story (isn’t there always?) - that’s the gist of it my loves. We all have our own journeys, and that, in a few words, has been mine.


Much love, my powerful chicas!

xo Beth