My First Party! // A Women for Whales Fundraiser

As part of my work as an ambassador for Women for Whales, I get the honour of throwing events, fundraising, and extending education and inspiration out into whatever community I find myself in. 

My first Women for Whales event was held on January 21st, and it was so incredible to witness what can happen when an idea gets to come to life.

I don't measure success by the amount of money that was raised, or even by the amount of people that showed up (although those things are nice! ). Success was measured simply by the quality of energy exchanged between those who came out - great conversations, open hearted vibrations, and lots of new ideas were sparked. 

The flow of the evening started as attendees arrived; as they trickled in, they could check out raffle prizes from local companies, chat to non-profits in the area about ways to get more involved in the community, or grab a drink and mingle while waiting for the speakers to come on stage.


Catherine + I on stage

Catherine + I on stage

Once the event got under way, I hopped on stage and introduced our speakers for the evening - Catherine Bruhwiler, entrepreneur + Roxy sponsored surfer, and Morgan Callison, owner of the only health food store in Tofino, Green Soul Organics. Both sisters rocked it out, and really sparked a lot of meaningful conversation. After that - we simply drank, danced, raffled off prizes, and jammed out to my friend DJ Swagger Swell's music. 

Soooo much fun!

I can't wait to keep throwing more parties. (The next one should be in April, for anyone based on Vancouver Island!)

Lots of love!

xo Beth


A big thanks to my sister Christiane Watson of Dreamscapes Photography for capturing the event! All of these photos were taken and edited by her.