{Neptune Goes Direct} Feel Like You're Not Really Human? Me Too...

Neptune went direct today. Neptune is the planet of the ethereal. For our human minds, Neptune can influence in foggy, cloudy, or confusing ways, because we need to be fairly out of touch with density in order to flow with it. Neptune is the planet of dreams, of the unconscious, of the other realms. 

When a planet goes direct, it means it’s coming out of retrograde. Most of us are familiar with Mercury retrograde. Well, every planet retrogrades (meaning it appears to be going backwards in the sky, bringing up old memories, issues, or subconscious things to be addressed) - and Neptune is no exception. 

When a planet comes out of retrograde, and goes direct, there is extra energy being given to the realms that that planet oversees. 

As I mentioned above, Neptune is the dreamy planet, and it’s got extra energy around it now. 

When planetary changes happen, I love to pay attention. I pay attention to my dreams, to what’s going on that day, to the moods of others, to global events. You can learn a lot this way. For instance, the Paris + Beirut + Kenya attacks all transpired during the week of the New Moon in Scorpio. Scorpio is about power, raw, primal energy, that can have a sting. When directed with consciousness, Scorpio is pure, feminine, sensual, deliciously dark magic. When directed with fear, Scorpio can create a lot of trauma. We saw that last week. 

But for today, I want you to focus on Neptune. I want you to focus on your dreams. And I want to get you to understand just how affected by planetary cycles we are, if you truly pay attention. 




This morning, I was dreaming. I was in some sort of ship, but this ship was not on top of the ocean, but in it. At least 30-40m below the sea level, me and my boat mates looked up to see turquoise deliciousness. Sunlight penetrated the water from above, and I was mesmerized.

A feeling of joy came from my belly, and an old friend sat next to me, not looking up at the water, but into my eyes. “Your eyes!” he exclaimed, “So beautiful!” I didn’t know what he meant of course, as I couldn’t see my eyes. I imagined they must have been full of turquoise shimmer, as what I was witnessing above was pure bliss. 

Pictured: Hannah Mermaid

Pictured: Hannah Mermaid

Eventually I had to look away and move around the ship. “I need more oxygen!” I told the crew. I could feel the oxygen levels dropping and felt we were somehow in danger. In my quest for oxygen, I ended up above the ocean level, and to my dismay, never returned to the oceanic depths that captivated my soul.

Waking up, I felt sad. My belly, which had been feeling the throws of ecstasy, was now feeling deflated.

Waking up in the human world. Same house. Same books. Same legs. I would not be mermaiding today. I would not be surrounded by turquoise water today. The greyness of the day, and the rustling of tree branches reminded me of that. 

“I don’t feel like being human today.” I grumbled aloud to myself, and rolled over, covering myself with a fuzzy brown blanket. 

Eventually I pulled myself out of bed. I put on a fluffy turquoise skirt, and sat down to write thisblog post. Because I know why I had that dream. I know what Neptune is reminding me of. 



Do you ever feel out of place being human?

I’ve had that feeling, on and off, for my whole life. And only since I “woke up” would I be able to tell you why. I’m a new human. As are many of you. In fact, I’m not really human, in terms of my soul DNA. I come from the sea. I’ve lived many lives as whales. I’ve been a mermaid. The sea is my home. I came through it via portals in the deep ocean. I believe I came from Sirius, the blue star. I believe the entire ocean came from Sirius. And since all life sprang from the ocean, I believe we are all deeply connected to this blue star, to this blue energy. 

I didn’t remember any of this before waking up. And yes if I read this about 7 years ago, I would have in fact deemed the writer (in this case, me) - crazy. 

But here I am. Unapologetic about what I know now. Truth, my friends, is truly stranger than fiction. 

I’ve had many dreams where I swim among the whales, where I am a whale, where I am a mermaid. The whales communicate with me, and tell me things.

Pictured: Hannah Mermaid shot by Bob Armstrong

Pictured: Hannah Mermaid shot by Bob Armstrong

I believe our souls have many incarnations, but that we have a “home base” sort of energy. We incarnate many times as a whale, for example, and in this way, our soul’s “DNA” rings with this energy. We have whale energy. We incarnate as a human, but since we’ve lived many many many lives as a whale, or near the whales, and so few as human, we still resonate deeply with what our “home base” is. We long for our home base our whole human lives, but many don’t realize what this longing is for. We cover it up with drugs, or relationships, or shopping, or food addictions. 

It’s really important to get to the root of this longing. What we long for. Where we are from. Because that longing leads us to our purpose. Before we go back, we have a mission to accomplish.

My purpose is to help the animals and beings of the ocean to thrive once again. The ocean is so polluted at present times. It is now dangerous for whales, dolphins, and other beings to swim around. Boat sonar, whaling ships, commercial fishing nets that kill everything they catch, ocean bottom trawlers that look for shrimp but completely wipe out the ocean’s floor (much like deforestation on our level) - it needs help. 

I remember coming here to help. I knew I could do more on land, with a human voice, than I could where I was.

Humans don’t tend to communicate with other beings, these days. They used to. Those days have passed. There are very few who recognize that the sentient beings of the ocean have the potential not just to receive your messages, but to respond in kind. 

And so, this morning I dreamed. Neptune brought me to places that humans have a hard time understanding, or coping with. But Neptune reminded me of why I am here. It opened up my longing in a deeper way. It reminded me that I have great work to do, while I’m here. My happiness in this life is directly correlated to how I am helping the ocean and the creatures of the sea. 

Currently, I am working on the levels of human consciousness. I realized years ago that the best way to help Gaia was to go the root of her ailment - human consciousness. Awakened beings don’t destroy the planet they live on. Unconscious ones do, apparently. 



I write this to you, my dear friends, in hopes to awaken you, to your own soul’s DNA. Your blueprint. Why you are here. 

Lightworkers are the ones who read my ‘work’. And so, you, like me, are here with a strong purpose. Your happiness, like mine, depends on you honouring your reason for coming here. 

And with Neptune going direct, your dreams, your thoughts, and your daydreams, will have potent clues to unravel your soul’s DNA.

I pray you remember why you came. And if you have, I give you all the energy and love you need on your mission. For at our core, yours and mine are one and the same. We are here to spread the love, be the change, and spark a revolution. 

In love and light,

xo Beth


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