Today, I Sat in Ritual

Hi my loves! 

I've had such an intense last week or so. There were a couple factors involved, however the trigger points did not seem to warrant HOW DEEPLY I felt grief, devastation, and anxiety overtake me. 

Can you relate?

You know when, yes, something happened in your life that you weren't stoked on, but the reaction seems to be a bit more intense than seems warranted?

This was me this week. I could not (and still can't to be honest with you) - figure out why I was so affected by a personal situation. (And I'll give you a hint... it has to do with a man... :D)

What I know this far on my spiritual path, is that there are so many things we don't understand.

Perhaps this situation triggered a painful past life memory, perhaps it simply got me in touch with the deeper sadness of the collective consciousness. Perhaps these feelings have been carried through my blood line, and I am clearing them for my ancestors. I don't know. All I know is I felt it, deep. 

So today I sat in ritual, and gave it away. What I'm about to share with you is an exercise I do fairly often. I'd like you to put it in your "toolkit", for when you are feeling off, and need major support. Or even for when you are feeling great, and want to get even more in touch with the flow!

Today I sat in ritual.

First, I did my dishes, cleaned my space, and made my bed. I lit my bundle of cedar to smudge my home. 


I gathered all of my crystals, and collected flowers from outside, to invite the fairies in. 

I got out my pen, paper, and a lighter.


Spirit Medicine. Artist unknown.

Spirit Medicine. Artist unknown.

And then I made a circle. I made a circle of crystals, and I sat in it. I invited my Spirit Guides, my angels, my Spirit Animals, and all the light bearers who work with me to be with me and guide me. 

I spoke what I felt. I talked to the Universe, and told it I was confused, and needed a healing. I asked for clarity, for closure, and to feel really good about the situation. 

I wrote my prayers down on a piece of paper, and I burned them.

I watched the words turn into ash, and then into smoke. I knew that these prayers were being heard, as I meditated to receive any guidance that wanted to come in.

And when I felt complete, I pulled a few angel tarot cards, said thank you, and crawled out of my fairy ring. (The fairy ring... that's the circle I made with my crystals)

When I do this - that is, sit in ritual - I feel enormously connected to the Universe.

And today was next level. I felt my trust in the Universe deepen immensely, and it was really beautiful - just what I needed. 

I also have an easier time releasing any given situation when I sit in ritual. Since I use my physical energy and physical tools to communicate with Spirit, my more logical mind has an easier time understanding that I AM HEARD, and guidance + creative solutions are on their way to me now. 

I encourage all of you to create your own rituals when you need assistance. 

You can do them in any way - rituals are meant to be created from your intuition. You can have a bath, and sing your prayers out loud. You can go into the forest, write your prayers down, and give them to the roots of a tree that calls you. You can bathe underneath the full moon and light a candle for your intentions. You can be as fancy or as relaxed as you'd like - as long as you're communicating what you need to with the Universe - you will feel great about it. 

Have fun with it!

In love, in light, in truth, and in magic,

xo Beth