He broke up with me over skype. Then the Goddess found me...

About 4 years ago now, I was in Hawaii, on the island of Kauai to be specific. Lush paraside surrounded me, I was interning at a beautiful farm owned by a world-famous raw nutritionist. High vibing people were around me, and I had access to some of the best nutrition in the world.

… And...

…I was crying every day, and in waves... was deeply confused in my soul.

My boyfriend of almost 3 years had just broken up with me. Over skype. While I was traveling in Hawaii alone.

Everywhere I went, and everyone who I talked to encouraged me to let it go, and get on the high vibe train. “Set goals, visualize what you want!”

The (lovely and well-meaning) crew at this farm encouraged me to do a liver & gall bladder flush. I was truly interested in feeling better and getting healthier, especially in the midst of this breakup, so I tried it out.

1 day into the cleanse, which required me to be on a juice cleanse for a few days to prepare for what was next… I found myself in the kitchen, making a piece of toast.

“Fuck it!” I said. “This doesn’t feel right. I need nourishment. I am in a foreign place, alone, and my partner just left me. I need some emotional comfort.”

In some ways I felt like I’d failed. And on other ways, I knew I was onto something.

A few days later, I was in the library at this farm, and among tons of books focused on cleanses, clean eating, and purity… I found one book that seemed different than the rest. It was called “Healing Wise” by Susun Weed. In the moments when I opened that book, and started reading this wild woman’s wisdom, my life changed.

Susun explained many things to me, which I won’t quite getfully into in this blog, because that might take a while… but the gist of it was this: Clearing and cleansing has it’s place. But it is the masculine way. It offers only a part of the whole.

The feminine way, the wild woman way, is nurturance. Support.

The wild woman honours the chaos, loves the richness of soil, and getting dirty. Wild primal sexuality, and honouring the dirty depths of living is the wild woman’s domain. Break the rules. Eat the bread. Make tea with the weeds. Be in your blackness.

Your pain is your medicine, it is meant to be cycled back into gold, just as an animal's poo is circulated back into a tree and produces new life. The Goddess supports you in all ways.

It was like a sigh of relief. And honestly, I really wish I could convey the wisdom that came to me that day, because I feel like that paragraph doesn’t quite cut it, but those are the words I have right now.

From that moment on, the Divine Feminine, the Goddess, the Mother… entered my life. Or perhaps, a better way to put it would be - I embraced her.

I dove into my connection with the Moon, I started exploring my sexuality & my moontime (menstrual cycle) much more deeply, and I started making plans to move to the place I’d always wanted to live… but my boyfriend never did… Vancouver Island.

Since then, I have deepened into the Goddess’s medicine profoundly.


I have remembered I am Priestess, and have served the Goddess in many lifetimes.


I have realized I have come to dismantle patriarchy, and remind the world of the beauty and sacredness of the dark.

I have remembered I am the daughter of Isis, a Goddess revered in Ancient Egypt and beyond. I have remembered past lives in Egypt, and Greece. My world started to make a lot more sense. I got a lot clearer on my purpose, and what I was and am meant to be doing in the world.  

  • I started hosting Women’s Circles every New Moon for my community.
  • I began singing and sharing my voice much more freely, because I honoured and acknowledged it as my medicine.
  • I threw the “good girl” chains off, and awakened my powerful sexuality.
  • I made friends with many other Priestess sisters, and we get together on holy days to do ceremony.
  • I continued to grow a “business” that deeply serves the collective, nourishes my soul, and takes care of me financially, because the Goddess has shown me... that is my birthright… that is my truth… to be deeply supported, and to be deeply expressed. I'm on the growth edge of this, everyday.


  • I have pissed people off along the way.
  • I have cried deep tears at the state of the world.
  • I have agonized with grief for my brothers and sisters in the animal + plant worlds.
  • I have witnessed sisters while they deeply cried, and began releasing lifetimes of turmoil.
  • I have felt deep rage at Patriarchy.
  • I have gotten real.
  • I have shown up.


I have gotten fierce.

I am on a mission.

And no one will stop me.

No one will stop US sisters, because we are the Goddess and Her time is NOW!
We are her hands and ears. We have come here to do extremely good work.
And the world is ready.
It needs it.
It is crying out to be loved.


I want you to know the Goddess path is not the path of Patriarchy, shiny things, and false promises.

It is not a path I will say to you “Oh girl, come with me and all your dreams will come true! You will make 10k a month, you will get that super hot guy/girl in 1 month, and have the perfect relationship, you will be happy all the time, you won’t feel pain anymore because you have cleared it all out!”

Sorry to be a bit aggressive

but… Fuck that shit.
The Goddess path is real

Human AND Divine Embracing. If you know what I mean.


The Goddess path honours ALL the rays and frequencies of life & death… Not just the clean, white, shiny, acceptable ones. YES, as powerful women seaSTAR, we can and WILL create abundance, have amazing relationships, feel beautiful, and so much more!

But we will also cry, get angry, and get real about the very real tragedies that are happening in our world right now.

And we will have the clarity about what to do about it. We will feel empowered as we gaze into the mess, because we know we are here to help.

And we will have our sisters, and the Goddess to support us.

If you are called to deepen into the Goddess.
If in reading these words, something is triggered, and your soul is inviting you to go deeper.

I have a special invitation, love...


I invite you, dear sister, to join me for a Moon Goddess Initiation - a deep dive into your Divine Feminine energy, so you can unblock yourself, express your deepest gifts, and come alive to the Goddess within.


Imagine what it would feel like, to be fully expressed in this world?
...To honour your gifts, and share them wildly and freely?
...To claim your sexuality, and allow yourself to take up space in this world?
...To be clear about your path, and know where you are meant to go.


In Moon Goddess Initiation, we will be unlocking that for you, with the help of the Goddess.

Sister, this sacred journey includes:

  • 6 months of private coaching
  • Meditations, myths & history about 6 Goddesses - we will be working with one a month. (Brigit, Hathor, Aphrodite, Kali, Isis, and Aine) - Learn more about them here.
  • 2 Goddess Boxes of Earth-friendly beauty + adornment products I’ve made myself (Which include: Mermaid Moon Anointing Oil, Sacral Chakra Perfume, Golden Cosmos Lip Gloss, a Moon Necklace, Greek Goddess Eye Shadow + Cheek Highlighter, a Moon Sticker and a Cedar Smudge Stick)
  • A 30 minute follow up session
  • A feature on my website after the journey has ended
  • And 2 bonus gifts, one being a discount on the price of the journey, and the other being a 7 part series through the chakras called “Becoming the Healer You’re Meant to Be”


All the details of the journey can be found here.

I would love to have you in the journey, if you feel called.
These are sacred times, indeed.
We are called to awaken deeply.



This is an opportunity to experience a spiritual transformation that will shape your life, FOREVA!

You will be saying yes to awakening the Priestess within, remembering past lives that will inform your mission in this current one, unblocking issues with abundance, confidence and sexuality, and SO much more.

The result will be that you are deeply connect to, and living your purpose. Expressing your soul’s gifts, and making the DEEP impact on this planet that you long to.

Please go here to learn more about the journey sister! So much is awaiting you!


Lots of love!

xo Beth