The Sacred Truth - What is a Witch?

I remember being mildly fascinated, and also mildly terrified, of witches as a child.

Often, as a girl of 4 or 5, I would feel strange spirits in my closet - they frightened me - and I would regularly tell my mother about the witches in my bedroom. The only song I remember writing as a child, when I was also around that same age, went like this: “Witches, witches, 1 2 3, witches witches, come for me”. 

The interesting thing about this, is by 4 or 5 I had already bought into the mainstream way of viewing witches - as evil vixens, sometimes hags, complete with green skin, warts, and weird bubbling cauldrons they were concocting in order to ensnare innocents wandering around their lair. 


The truth about witches is that, yes they were, and are, very real.

But the magic they use is misunderstood. Rather than relying on some crafted mechanism such as wands or cauldrons for power, they rely on the power of their thoughts, their feelings, sometimes their tools, but most importantly, their consciousness and their alignment with Source energy.

They have an intimate understanding of the natural ways, and are innately drawn to the offerings of the earth and the stars. Each are born with intrinsic gifts, that when watered with time, perseverance, and mentorship, can lead to astounding pursuits. 

Witches have a unique connection to the Otherworld that guides them to commune with spirit guides, angels, ancestors, plants, and the forces of nature. They are eagerly interested in herbal medicine, the dreamtime, the healing arts, ritual, astrology, and the effect that the mind can have on any given situation.

They’re connected to the darkness, and understand that the terms ‘dark’ and ‘negative’ are not, in fact, synonymous - it is simply a collective fear of the unknown that has sparked such a comparison. They’ve discovered that through the simplicity of the Law of Attraction, they can work with the Universe to affect great change.


And, maybe most importantly, they are keenly and unabashedly loyal to the Divine Feminine. 

This type of power (that of the Goddess) was feared by the patriarchal society that sprung up thousands of years ago, and lead to the demise and belittling of the sacred witch - the medicine woman, the healer, the priestess, the wild woman. During the witch hunts of 1450-1800, an estimated 100 000 women were killed. 

Today we would call these women herbalists, healers, storytellers, and astrologists, but still, the indwelling magic of something greater than that exists. We, as the women who are innately drawn to these realms, still belong to the ancient coven of witches. 

And many of us are undeniably bat-shit fearful of it.

Some of us have past life memories, whether we consciously remember them or not, of being pursued and killed for our involvement with the otherworld. Churches, of many faiths, have repeatedly condemned any path that strays from connecting solely with one masculine God for our truths. (We know, as witches, that the One, a Source, really does exist, yet we honour that said force has many ways of expressing itself

It is no gimmick, and no small thing, the path of the witch.

For many of us, these subconscious memories spark pain, causing us to shy away from what we know we are sublimely talented at, and reach for more mundane, less risky choices. Powerful healers + teachers everywhere are working 9-5s they feel bland in, too afraid to step out of the mainstream and rekindle their connection with the wild woman.

If you are one of these women, bless you, and know that it is not so scary as you may think to step back out again and pick up where you left off. The rush of being on the leading edge of creation, working with our guides and shifting energy to allow the wild woman back in, is a journey far greater and more exciting than the fear that is holding you back.


Simply say a prayer to the divine feminine that runs through us all:


Please guide me to release any and all fears I am holding on to, that are blocking me from embodying my wild woman. I am consciously choosing to open back up to my natural gifts. Please show me the way.’


Say this prayer a few times, perhaps even for a few days, aloud, and with vigor. She hears you. She will answer. Just be patient, and observant, while the forces within work their mysteries. 

As women, and yes, as witches, we have the opportunity, and the challenge, to rise above our current paradigm. 

We have the opportunity, and the challenge, to choose our fullness and radiate acceptance, while we rekindle our sacred gifts. 

And we have the opportunity to be together while doing it.

We belong to our sisters. 


And if, by now, you are still left wondering ‘Well.. Am I a witch?’ Here’s a clue...

If you want to be a witch. You are one. 

Much love + magical mysteries, 

See you on the other side. 

xo Beth